Raoul led the way down the dark, deserted streets he stopped at each corner peering out to ensure it was clear

“Come on” he whispered Gabriel saw they had reached the entrance to Bain and he breathed a sigh of relief. They reached the tunnel and Gabriel froze as he heard a deep growl from inside the dark passageway. Then he turned as he felt someone move behind him.

“Hello my son” Aura's voice rang out. Gabriel looked up and saw over twenty angels surrounding their little group.

“Let us leave” Maxwell snapped at Aura

“Maxwell that’s not a possibility and you know that” Aura said her voice sickly sweet.

More angels came out of the tunnel behind them, Dawn's features flickered.

“Now now” Aura smiled at him “we’ll have none of that” she raised her hand and heavy manacles materialized around Dawn’s wrists and ankles. Aura smiled and beckoned to Morgan. Morgan looked at Gabriel who nodded reluctantly. “Good girl” Aura click her fingers and a silver-blue light wrapped around Gabriel pulling his hands behind his back and settling on his wrists holding him tightly.

The heavy chains appeared on all of the others as Aura raised her hand again. “Now then” Aura smiled gleefully “it looks like we are having a little reunion” she walked to Dawn laying a hand on his face. “The lord of the underworld” she sneered Gabriel Dawn's skin grow darker and as the daemon stood up straighter Gabriel could swear the he was taller. Aura wrapped a tight hand around Dawn's throat squeezing hard.

“I wouldn’t” she said. “Unless you want what your little lover has” she looked at Gabriel smiling as she looked at the pulsing silver bands holding Gabriel's wrists.

“no magick” Aura snarled “or you get those.” Dawn stopped shifting breathing hard and Aura smiled moving to Maxwell she stroked his hair.

“you were the most loyal and for the longest” she smiled Maxwell glared at her then to everyone’s surprise he spat at her feet not making a sound as the noise of Aura's hand connecting with his cheek echoed around the cavern.

Aura bypassed Daryll with a look of contempt at the tiny vampyre Daryll just glared back at her.

“Tairas” Aura said “my simple child” she laid a hand on his face.

“Glorified whore” Tairas snarled. His deep voice startled everyone even his brothers who rarely heard it.

“Manners my son” Aura smiled “and lastly my twins.” She said turning to Gabriel and Sylver.  


The End

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