Old Friends and New EnemiesMature

“Anyway” Caleb said leading them into the main square of the city shall we leave this for tomorrow. You all look exhausted” Morgan nodded. “We only have one house free I'm afraid it has one inhabitant I think you'll find him hospitable” Caleb turned and led them down one of the mud streets Gabriel and the others followed.

“Dawn” Gabriel whispered and much to the daemons surprise Gabriel wrapped a clawed hand gently around Dawn's wrist. “Something’s wrong”

“I know what you mean” Dawn said back. Both of them could feel eyes watching them as they passed the dark houses and Morgan moved to Gabriel slipping her hand into his.

Dawn’s mouth moved as he tried to remember the route they were taking but over thirty corners later and the daemon shook his head.

“Here” Caleb opened a thick wooden door to a small house. Gabriel frowned noting the walls weren’t mud but stone. The others traipsed inside not realizing anything was amiss and Gabriel and Dawn had no choice but to follow.

“Thanks” Gabriel said coldly as he walked past Caleb and into the little stone building.

“You’re more than welcome” Caleb smiled and shut the door behind them.

“I don’t like this” Gabriel hissed in the dark. Morgan switched her flashlight back on and hit it against her palm a few times before the feeble light came on. Gabriel's eyes scanned the room and he sighed.

“I think I've been a bit stupid” he said looking at the walls. Claw marks were gouged into the very stone dried blood patches showed up black in the dim light. He turned back to the door and saw even more claws marks in the thick wood there was no handle inside.

“I think we’re in deep shit” Dawn said

“I agree” Gabriel's mind was racing.

“Me too” a strange voice said the group all jumped in unison and Gabriel spun round he knew that voice.

“Raoul?” he asked.

“hello Gabriel” Raoul came forward in the dim light and Gabriel only just managed to pull him aside out of Dawn's reach.

“Stop it” Gabriel shouted “we don’t need old vendettas getting in the way. We’re in enough trouble as it is.” Dawn was glaring at Raoul his features shifting slightly.

“Fine” Dawn growled “but he better have a spectacular escape plan or I'm going to skin him”

“Leave it” Gabriel growled.

“Can I ask why?” Morgan said to Dawn.

“It doesn't matter” Gabriel growled “we've got to leave”

“There is another door” Raoul said he stuck his middle finger up at Dawn as he passed. Gabriel put his hand up stopping the daemon.

“Stop behaving like a school child” Gabriel snarled.

“Follow me” Raoul said they walked through a doorway into another room that was just as bare and claw marked as the first. The only difference being a small makeshift bed in one corner.

“What is this place?” Gabriel asked.

“It was a restraining room” he said pointing at the metal rings on the walls. “for the wolves that couldn’t control themselves” Raoul said “I  said I would live here if there was no where else. Raziel agreed with me he didn’t like the idea of having to chain his pack up”

“Then why have it anyway?”

“some of the younger wolves would tear around the place hurting themselves and the others so they were bought here” Raoul knelt and lifted a stone slab in the corner of the room Gabriel saw a trapdoor beneath it a heavy iron ring set into the wood.

“This rooms a little too familiar to me” Deacon growled from the back of the group.

“Me too I've been stuck in here since Caleb took over four days ago. I have orders not to leave”

“Then why are you leaving?” Gabriel asked as Raoul jumped down into the tunnel beneath the trapdoor.

“I'm not, you have to leave”

“Why?” Gabriel asked “what is going on down here?”

“Oh Gabriel, haven’t you worked that out yet? You're in trouble again and you’ve walked straight into it”   



The End

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