Bain City of WolvesMature


Gabriel heard deep barks echoing from the tunnel the little wolf turned three times in a circle and sat down looking at Gabriel his head cocked to one side.

“What?” Gabriel asked.

“He says ‘go on’” Morgan translated looking at Chrys.

Gabriel walked around the wolf and took a deep breath ducking into the tunnel. A tight feeling spread quickly across his chest as the others followed him in. Dawn was directly behind him and Gabriel almost felt better as the large daemon rested a hand on Gabriel's shoulder.


A low growl stopped the vampyre in his tracks the wolf in front of him was a different build to the little one that had led them to this pack. It was huge its bulk blocking the tunnel unlike the little one it stood tall on its back legs its ears back. Gabriel saw bright white teeth as the wolf growled at him lit up by the dim glow of Morgan's slowly dying flashlight.

“Who are you?” the wolf rumbled.

“We need to see Caleb” Gabriel said standing as straight as he could in the low tunnel.

“What for?” the wolf moved closer to him sniffing slightly.

“We need shelter” Gabriel said sharply Gabriel felt Dawn's hand tense on his shoulder.

“Wait” the wolf ordered and Gabriel only just saw its tail as it turned and vanished.

“There are more behind us” Dawn whispered in Gabriel's ear.

“I didn’t expect any less” Gabriel said. “There must be plenty of new wolves who don’t know about us”

“I know” Dawn said “the problem I have is that puts us in danger again”

“We’ll be fine” Gabriel said although he knew Dawn was right.

They waited almost five minutes and by then Gabriel was shuffling his feet nervously. Dawn had both hands on Gabriel's shoulders and was staring off down the dark tunnel. The wolf came up to them slowly.

“This way” it growled it turned and vanished again. Gabriel moved slowly down the tunnel the others following.

Gabriel stopped suddenly as the tunnel opened out the cavern was enormous, green fungus grew in patches up the high walls and on the ceiling glowing a bright green and lighting the streets of the massive city below.

“Wow” Morgan said in awe as she came up behind Gabriel.

“Welcome to Bain” a deep voice said Gabriel turned to see a massive black wolf “or Bain mark 2 as you know it” Gabriel nodded.

“Caleb?” Gabriel asked. The huge wolf grinned with alarming effect and Gabriel felt Morgan move closer to him.  “Where’s Raziel?” Gabriel questioned “we need to speak to him.” Caleb growled deeply.

“Raziel left a few days ago” Caleb said casually “I'm in charge now” Dawn stepped forward.

“Don’t you’re kind work on the dead mans boots theory?” the daemon asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Caleb growled.

“Any one who kills the leader takes over”

“Usually yes” Caleb said “but in this case the ‘theory’ didn’t work so we found out who wanted leadership and decided that way. I won.”

“And if Raziel comes back?” Gabriel asked.

“Then he fights me” Caleb smiled.           


The End

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