Forgive and ForgetMature

“Gabriel?” Dawn said gently “wake up” the daemon shook Gabriel's shoulder and the vampyre grumbled in his sleep. “Come on sweetie its time to get up”

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel growled his eyes flicked open and he saw that it was dark.

“Come on its time to move on” Dawn said Gabriel sat up and saw the others were all doing the same packing their things up Sylver was rubbing his eyes. Deacon was still snoring softly next to him Gabriel sat up and stretched Dawn smiled at him and moved to Deacon.

“Come on Deacon” Dawn said kneeling down beside the daemon.

“I don’t wanna go to work today” Deacon grumbled and rolled over Dawn smiled and shook the little daemon the same as he'd done to Gabriel. Deacon woke up slowly and was a little groggy. “God my head hurts” he groaned “what was I drinking last night?”

“Absolutely nothing” Dawn smiled. “You feed Sylver and Chrys remember?” Deacon groaned again.

“Well I'm not doing that again in a hurry” he said the wolf licked Deacon's face happily. “Don’t do that” Deacon didn’t sound well. He stood up a little wobbly and Gabriel saw Dawn dig in his own bag and bought out a bottle of water. He handed it to Deacon the smaller daemon smiled gratefully.

Gabriel strapped Hyperion back on and slung his bag on.

The group got going slowly, Dawn stayed near the back with Deacon as Gabriel and the small wolf led the way.

“Gabriel?” Morgan caught up to him.

“What?” he mumbled.

“Are you alright? You haven't said two words since you got up”

“Fine” Gabriel replied.

“You’re not yourself” she said quietly.

“Surprisingly Morgan I am being myself”

“I don’t believe that” she said gently.

“Then that’s your choice” Gabriel's tone was dull and tired his eyes were blank as he watched his feet move.

“I think that when you're angry you shut yourself down”

“Do I?” Gabriel said not really wanting an answer.

“Yes you do you wear this strange mask that makes you seem indifferent to everything. But I think that inside you're screaming” Gabriel looked at her for the first time that day. His eyes reflected her flashlight for a moment and seemed to flash in the dark. “And how would you know?” he asked Morgan shrugged.

“Chrys does the same” she stated.

“Do you know what I think of when I'm angry?” he said Morgan shook her head “absolutely nothing” Gabriel said he looked back down at his feet.

“Really?” Morgan frowned.

“Really that’s why I forget so quickly I forget why I'm annoyed at something and my brain seems to dismiss it”

“That’s why you forgive so easily” Morgan said.

“I don’t forgive easily” Gabriel muttered “I just don’t remember” Morgan frowned again and opened her mouth but the wolf beat her to it yapping loudly.

Gabriel looked up a gaping black hole lay in front of them and the little wolf was yapping loudly into it.


The End

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