Daemon BloodMature

In the trees Gabriel pushed Dawn's wrist away. The daemons blood ripped through his veins and he cried out. Dawn held him tightly wiping his wrist on his jeans Gabriel's body convulsed in the daemons arms as Dawn's memories tore through his mind.

A few minutes passed and the vampyre was still breathing hard but his eyes were clear. Dawn let him go reluctantly as the vampyre stood up Dawn did the same.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said warily “are you alright now?” Dawn was surprised when Gabriel laughed bitterly the vampyre half turned away then all Dawn saw was the tree canopy above them as Gabriel's fist connected with his face snapping his head back.

“Bastard” Gabriel snarled and walked away. Dawn tongued his rapidly swelling lip and smiled slightly painfully at least he was still walking and at least Gabriel had fed.

He found the vampyre sitting with a cigarette in his hand and a scowl on his face.

“So you got there in the end then?” Maxwell asked as Dawn came up to them.

“Get bent, Maxwell” Gabriel snapped Dawn smiled slightly.

“I did get a fat lip for my efforts but yes” the daemon sat down next to Gabriel and lit a cigarette himself. The wolf was sniffing around Gabriel and then sat down next to him and whined.

“What?” Gabriel said quietly “I've got nothing for you”

“He wants to make you feel better” Morgan said relaying the message from Chrys.

“He cant” Gabriel growled the wolf whined seeming to understand perfectly. The animal sat down next to Gabriel and rested his chin on Gabriel's knee looking up at him sadly.

Gabriel gave in and scratched the wolfs head gently.

“See all better” Morgan smiled

“Yeah right” Gabriel grumbled he glared sideways at Dawn. He knew that the daemon had been right about him feeding but he could have handled it better. Shame was overtaking Gabriel's anger now he almost couldn’t believe he'd lost his composure so badly.

“You’ve gone bright red” Morgan said Gabriel looked up at her “any reason?” Deacon sniggered.

“He’s got a few of Dawn's memories I’d hate to think which ones” the daemon laughed.

“I don’t care what Gabriel sees of me” Dawn smiled

“I ignored most of them.” Gabriel shrugged. “I was more wondering why daemon blood is so….” He stopped looking for the right word.

“Strong?” Sylver suggested.

“Well I couldn’t have had more than a pint” Gabriel said. “And by that point I was on fire”

“Me too” Sylver laughed. “I don’t think Deacon knew what to do with himself” Deacon flushed slightly.

“I knew what I wanted to do by that point” the daemon said.

“I don’t want to know” Gabriel said.

“Me either” Morgan laughed. Gabriel settled back and looked at Dawn.

“Am I allowed to get some decent sleep now?” he asked

“Of course you can” Dawn said confused.
“Good. Just don’t wake me up with any more stupid ideas.” The vampyre growled he closed his eyes not seeing the little smile he got from the daemon. 

The End

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