Dawn Crosses a LineMature

Everyone’s feet hurt, the darkness melted from the sky as the suns appeared almost in unison for once.

‘Lucky’ Gabriel thought tiredly he stumbled slightly.

“Stop” Dawn called “we need to find shelter for the day.” Gabriel looked up as Dawn steered him towards a copse of trees nearby the others followed.  The wolf sniffed around the trees then sat in a small clearing looking pleased with himself.

“I guess we’re stopping here” Dawn smiled Gabriel sat down heavily.

“Chrys agrees” Morgan said.

“Does Chrys not speak for himself?” Gabriel asked he silent boy.

“He stopped ‘speaking’ when we were young” Morgan said settling herself down. “He still talks to me though”

“Why did you stop talking?” Gabriel asked.

“Because animals are more interesting and they don’t lie” Morgan answered smiling.

Gabriel could just see Chrys’ blue eyes behind the curtains of white blond hair and the vampyre smiled.

“I can agree with you there” he said and Chrys smiled back.


Gabriel was awoken by a wet tongue on his face.

“Don’t do that” he grumbled it was still daylight and the wolf sat by him wagging his tail. “What do you want?” Gabriel asked the wolf yipped at him, walked around in a tight circle and sat back down looking at the vampyre.

“He want you to get up” Morgan said nearby she was sitting with a book in her hand reading quietly. “You have to go and see Dawn.”

“Why?” Gabriel asked

“He, Deacon and Malachi are feeding you guys” she said she sounded bored.

 “Like hell they are” Gabriel growled.

“Like hell we’re not” Dawn’s voice came from behind him. “Come on sleeping beauty” Dawn lifted Gabriel up by his arms and pulled him off into the trees

“Dawn” Gabriel stopped, wrenching his arm away from the daemon. Dawn turned to look at him knowing what was coming “I'm okay I don’t need to feed”

“Bullshit” Dawn said “I asked Sylver to check you while you were asleep, because I knew you'd argue with me” Gabriel growled and turned heading back to the others. Dawn gripped him around the waist and wrapped his other arm around the vampyres chest pinning his arms and wings down.

“Get off” Gabriel shouted, Dawn bent his head down.

“You have two choices, either you let me do this or I will make you. There is nowhere to feed if we stay with the wolves and you are going to need to before then”

“Piss off Dawn” Gabriel snapped Dawn sighed.

“That’s not a choice” he said calmly.

“I'm not choosing I'm telling you to let me go”

“You’re not telling me anything” Dawn said. Gabriel felt invisible ties begin to wrap around his ankles as he kicked out. He twisted in Dawn's grip and the ties travelled up his legs.

“Let go” Gabriel snarled as the ties strapped his lower arms to his sides the vampyre made an indistinct noise of frustration.

“Gabriel stop” Dawn snapped “why can’t you see that I'm right. Stop fighting”

“Screw fighting, when I get out of this I'm going to kill you” Gabriel shouted. Deacon came out of the trees nearby he was slightly pale.

“You said he'd argue” Deacon smiled tiredly. “I don’t think tying him up is a good idea though” the ties reached Gabriel's shoulders pinning his wings and Dawn unwrapped his arms from around the vampyre then carefully laid him down on the forest floor.

“Dawn please” Gabriel felt the familiar panic of not being able to move his arms and legs and it came out in his voice. Dawn knelt next to him and Deacon moved away slowly returning to the group.

“Gabriel” Dawn lifted Gabriel into his lap. Gabriel almost managed to reach the daemons face with his knees.  The vampyre still wriggling dropped his head back and howled miserably. “Gabriel stop”

“Let me go” Gabriel's voice was strained.

“I will just calm down”

“Dawn I cant breathe” Dawn clicked his fingers and the ties vanished. Gabriel rolled out of Dawn's lap landing on his hands and knees. Dawn gripped Gabriel's shoulders and held onto him.

“Gabriel” Dawn said quietly.

“Get off” Gabriel whispered his voice was shaky. Gabriel pushed away from the daemon stumbling away a few steps he turned to look at Dawn.

“Don’t come near me” the vampyres voice was quiet he was still breathing hard and fast his hand on his chest.

“Gabriel” Dawn said “I'm sorry”

“When are you not?” Gabriel shouted.

“I…” Dawn just looked at Gabriel.

“Just leave me alone” Gabriel said he sank to the floor his knees drawn up and his arms folded up covering his face. Dawn looked down at the creature then carefully knelt down wrapping his arms around the vampyre.

“Get off” Gabriel said

“I'm so sorry” Dawn said “I needed you to stay still I didn’t realize it would scare you so much”

“Well it did didn’t it?” Gabriel growled he lowered his arms and Dawn saw the icy eyes looking at him.

“oh sweetie. I am so sorry”

“don’t ever do anything like that again” Gabriel snarled.

“I don’t plan too” Dawn sighed. “I didn’t know your claustrophobia was that severe. You seemed fine in the tunnel”

“I had no choice then” Gabriel grumbled his fear was leaving him ad as annoyed as he was with Dawn he was also incredibly tired and wanted to sleep.

“and you still have no choice but to feed” Dawn said gently.

“go away” Gabriel said pushing Dawn's arms away. Dawn sighed again and half pulled a dagger from is boot he ran his wrist along the blade making sure Gabriel couldn’t see. Dawn hissed slightly then raised his wrist to the vampyres face. Gabriel tried to move back as the smell of blood hit him but Dawn was in his way and still holding him.

“no” Gabriel growled pushing the bleeding arm away.

“Gabriel come on” Dawn snapped as the blood began to drip onto the leafy ground.

“Dawn don’t” Dawn forced his arm closer to Gabriel and with a growl of frustration Gabriel gave in.


“the shouting has stopped” Morgan smiled.

“either Gabriel's given up or Dawn's dead” Maxwell said

“Gabriel's given up” Sylver shivered

“I'm glad I cant feel Chrys when he's feeding” Morgan said distastefully. The wolf nuzzled her hand and whined until she scratched his ears.   


The End

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