A Little WolfMature

The deer had been caught easily its neck broken as it was chased down by five vampyres two hybrids and three daemons. Daryll and Malachi had been the ones to leap onto the animals back as it tried to run.

Gabriel laid the deer out carefully in a clearing as the others all moved into a position where they could see it.  Gabriel looked carefully at the majestic creature in front of him his claws ran gently down the short fur on its long nose. Then standing he moved away into a clump of shrubs and bushes nearby. He pushed the braches aside so he could see the animal on the ground.

A growl behind him made him tense up for a moment before he realized that he knew the growl. It didn’t belong to a wolf but to a daemon.

“Dawn what are you doing?” Gabriel hissed Dawn chuckled quietly behind him

“Hiding together in the bushes Gabriel?” he smiled “people will talk” Gabriel growled his eyes fixed on the deer carcass Dawn's hand rested on the back of his neck his fingers curled around to the vampyres collarbone.

“Dawn get off” Gabriel whispered angrily. The vampyre didn’t dare move he would scare anything nearby away.

“Stay still sweetie” Dawn whispered back the daemon didn’t move his hand as a scratching noise nearby reached Gabriel's ears.

Gabriel held his breath as a wolf came into the clearing around ten minutes later. Its nose twitched as it lifted itself up onto its back legs sniffing constantly. Gabriel saw Dawn raise his right hand he slowly formed an almost clenched fist and the wolf yelped in surprise as it as lifted off the ground hanging by the scuff of its neck.

Dawn squeezed Gabriel's shoulder gently then let go walking into the clearing.

The wolf was whining softly as it saw all of them emerge from the trees around it.

“Hello?” Gabriel said cautiously he moved closer but the wolf didn’t reply it just continued to whine. “I don’t think he can speak” Gabriel said to Dawn. Chrys walked up next to them.

“Gabriel” Morgan said from his other side. “Let Chrys speak to him”

“But Chrys doesn't talk” Gabriel mumbled the hybrid had moved forward closing the gap between the wolf and himself. Gabriel and the others watched in silent fascination as Chrys reached up to touch the wolf’s face. Sharp teeth flashed just missing the boy’s fingers and quick as a flash Chrys’ fingers wrapped around the wolf’s muzzle holding the animal’s mouth shut. Gabriel frowned in disbelief as the wolf whined and slowly his tail began to twitch. Chrys let the wolf go and the tail began to wag properly. Chrys looked at Morgan.

“Dawn put him down” Morgan relayed the message.

Dawn looked at her then he did as he was told the wolf shook himself then slowly began to walk around the group sniffing at everyone.

“We need to find the other wolves” Gabriel hissed to Dawn. “We haven't to time for this” the wolf looked at him then trotted over and sniffed the vampyres hand. Another whine issued from the animal and he dropped rolling over onto his back.

“He knows you're in charge” Morgan smiled. “He’ll show us the way to the wolves we want” Gabriel smiled and knelt down earning a slobbery lick for his efforts. “Chrys says this little guy isn’t part of the pack you're looking for he's part of another pack. But he's happy to show us to the place we need and Caleb will be happy to see you”

“Caleb?” Gabriel said remembering the young wolf that had joined the search party through the tunnels.  “What about Raziel?” Morgan shrugged.

“Don’t worry we’ll find out when we get there” Dawn said the wolf jumped up happily at Dawn then trotted off into the trees.

“By the way” Morgan said “he said if he shows us the way can he share your dinner?”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned.

“The deer” Morgan laughed.

“He can have it” Gabriel grimaced. 

The End

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