A Plan for the WolvesMature

Everyone agreed with Gabriel's idea of finding the wolves if they couldn’t get to earth. The only problem was that Gabriel had no idea how to find the wolves from where they were.


Dawn was looking at his map of the Corvere tunnel Gabriel sat down next to him looking at the paper in the daemons hand.

“Any luck?”

“I can’t work out where we went wrong” the daemon frowned “but I think we can find the wolves more easily than getting to earth. I think Amarantine got his instructions wrong when he drew this out”

“What about the crater?” Morgan asked sitting down next to Gabriel.

“It’s probably being watched.” Dawn said Gabriel nodded.

“So what do we do?” Morgan said.

“I say we keep moving” Gabriel said “if we stop during the day and travel at night we stand less chance of getting caught”

“I'm sorry you guys” Morgan said sadly.

“For what?” Deacon asked

“For causing all of this” Deacon lay a hand on hers and she smiled at him.

“Don’t be sorry” he said “it’s not your fault”

“Yes it is” she replied.

“No” Dawn said harshly. “Its Aura’s fault and she would have come after you wherever you were. So it’s not your fault” Gabriel agreed with Dawn he looked up into the ceiling of trees above them.

“Gabriel?” Deacon said the vampyre sighed and looked at him. Deacon just raised his eyebrows.

“I'm fine” Gabriel said.

“You don’t sound convinced”

“I was just thinking” Gabriel said slowly, he frowned and Dawn smiled.

“Do you want to be alone?” Dawn said the words felt strange to him.

“No” Gabriel said “well, yes I do but that’s not really a choice right now. No I was thinking about what the wolves eat”

“Animals I guess why?” Dawn asked.

“Maybe we could bring them to us” Gabriel smiled.

“A trap?” Deacon asked Gabriel nodded.

The End

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