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Gabriel awoke to the suns setting he smiled and stretched. Beside him Dawn grumbled in his sleep and rolled over.

“Morning” Deacon said quietly then he frowned. “Or evening actually”

“Hey” Gabriel yawned rubbing the back of his head. “You know I've still got a lump from where you walloped me” Gabriel noticed that Dawn's fire had gone out at some point in the night.

“A cigarette to apologize?” Deacon offered his packet.

“It’s a start” Gabriel smiled he tugged a cigarette out of the packet with his teeth.

“Why do you do that?” Deacon asked

“Have you ever tried pulling a cigarette out of a packet without fingers?” Gabriel asked passing the packet back to Deacon.

“No” Deacon replied

“Its almost as bad as getting a lighter working without fingers.” Deacon laughed softly and laid back a hand behind his head.

“So, any thoughts on where to go?” Deacon asked casually.

“Actually, yes” Gabriel said Deacon looked at him.

“Really?” Gabriel nodded

“I thought if we can’t get to earth then we can call my favour in with the wolves”

“You have a favour with the wolves?” Gabriel nodded again.

“For giving them a new part of the midway. Apparently they thought the rest of it was my ‘territory’ that’s why they never moved before. I because I gave them part of it they told me I was a very strange wolf but they were grateful”

“They thought you were a wolf?”

“I think they knew I wasn’t but some of the ways I did things and the way I fought without Hyperion made them think I was”

“That makes sense” Deacon smiled “you’re the confusing one out of the vampyres you're a daemon in so many ways but you're still an angel too”

“Huh?” Gabriel said.

“I can’t explain it too well but you're like a mix. Where the other vampyres are just vampyres”

“How am I any different?”

“Like I said I can’t explain it very well.”

“Try” Gabriel said he was curious now as to what the daemon meant.

“Well, simply you have the loyalty of a daemon the passion of an angel and the sheer bloodlust of a vampyre. But you also have the quiet intelligence that vampyres seem to have.” Gabriel snorted.   

“I don’t think I have quiet intellect” he said crushing his cigarette out.

“You do though” Deacon smiled “you can see it when your moody and quiet. Your eyes and face tell a different story.”

“They do?” Deacon nodded not looking at the vampyre.

“Then again” Deacon lit another cigarette from the butt of the old one “I have to see these things” Deacon growled slightly.

“How come?” Gabriel said gently the usually perky daemon wasn’t happy.

“Because I have to know the emotions of people. Daemons and humans alike” Deacon sighed “your conversation with Dawn last night got me thinking. I am an incubus I can never fall in love.”

“Deacon” Dawn's voice rose from beside Gabriel. “I don’t think we need to hear this”

“No” Gabriel growled “I want too” Deacon smiled at him.

“It’s okay” Deacon said. “I'm not supposed to talk about it” Gabriel glared at Dawn as the daemon sat up

“Why not?”

“It’s not his rule” Deacon said quickly. “It’s the rule of my people”

“But you're a daemon” Gabriel frowned.

“Yes, I am but think of it like Paradise. There’s aura then there's her council who advise the middle and lower classes. Aura herself doesn’t have much to do with any one but the upper class.”


“So I have my lord and master” Deacon nodded at Dawn “and I have the incubi and succubi masters”

“So Dawn controls them, they control you?”

“Basically yes” Deacon smiled. “But I'm outcast so I asked Dawn if I could stay in the Underworld then luckily I got my chance up here”

“Why were you outcast?” Gabriel asked Deacon laughed bitterly.

“Because I'm nice” he said Gabriel looked confused and Deacon sighed “at fourteen our race as its initiation. Basically as we mature and our hormones begin to kick in we have to take our first host be it daemon, human whatever and we have to kill” Deacon lit another cigarette. “I refused” he said simply. “My punishment was to be locked in a room with a tied and gagged human. I refused to go near him I could hear him crying he was terrified he didn’t know where he was or what was happening.” Gabriel looked at Deacon the daemon was staring at a spot on the floor absorbed in the memory. “Around two days later he was quiet the tears still came but there was no sound. Five days and his lips were cracked and bleeding his throat whistled as he breathed the rope around his wrists was soaked in blood. The fear was gone the only thing he wanted was an end to his pain and I couldn’t even do that for him.” Deacon stopped for a moment “two days it took him to die and I just sat there and watched him” the daemon shut his eyes and swallowed hard.

“Deacon” Dawn said firmly he stood up and gently lifted Deacon to his feet. He led him away from the group into the trees. Gabriel stayed put lighting another cigarette he thought about Deacon's story. He heard someone sniff nearby and looked over just as Morgan sat up wiping her eyes she looked at Gabriel.

“Poor Deacon” she sniffed again Gabriel only nodded he didn’t know what to say. Moran stepped around the others and sat down next to Gabriel.

“None of you had easy lives before the midway did you?” she asked Gabriel smiled.

“They could have been worse” he said “Deacon's is worse than mine”

“Not really. Not from what I saw”

“You didn’t see anything” Gabriel said gently. Dawn was coming back he had an arm around a rather red eyed Deacon's shoulder. Morgan stood up and to Deacon's surprise she wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly. Dawn laughed gently and Gabriel smiled as Deacon wrapped an unsure arm around her too.    






The End

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