Overheard ConversationMature


All of the little group settled back hoping to finally get a little uninterrupted sleep. Dawn leant on his elbow looking at Gabriel.

“I am sorry” he said.

“For what?” Gabriel grumbled.

“For thinking the way I do”

“I told you…” Gabriel growled.

“I know don’t apologize for being me but I'm sorry it upsets you”

“it doesn’t upset me, it just makes me uncomfortable” Gabriel sat up and flicked his wings to one side and lay down facing Dawn.

“I don’t look at you to make you feel like that I do it because I like the way you look”

“and I still don’t understand why” Gabriel said. He tucked his hands up beneath his chin and closed his eyes.

“Because you're...” Dawn faltered looking for a word that wasn’t going to earn his a smack.

“Dawn, can we talk about this later?” Gabriel asked. “I have a lot to think about without hormones getting involved.” Dawn laughed quietly.

“Okay, but can I say one thing now?”

“Alright” Gabriel mumbled. Dawn looked up and sighed as he saw Morgan, Chrys, Sylver and Deacon watching him. Gabriel growled as Dawn's voice echoed slightly in his head.

“I'm not going to say it out loud because we appear to have an attentive audience” Dawn smiled. “But I do love you and when we get out of this mess I am going to prove it” Dawn settled himself down facing Gabriel.

“Oh come on” Morgan cried.

“You shouldn’t listen in to private conversations” Gabriel said.

“Why not I've never seen Dawn blush so much” Deacon laughed behind him.

“Because you never get the whole conversation” Dawn tried to sound harsh but the affect was ruined by the Cheshire cat grin across his face.


The End

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