Change of PlanMature

“Any reason?” Gabriel had stopped smiling now and was looking around. “We're still on the midway” he stated.

Dawn growled and took Morgan's map from her and compared it with his own they were identical.

“I don’t understand we went the right way” Dawn said.
“Maybe we can talk about this later” Gabriel said “or maybe somewhere more intelligent”

“Agreed” Deacon picked his bag up and began to walk away.

“Okay” Gabriel smiled strapping Hyperion back on. “I think we’re following Deacon” Gabriel said taking his bag from Sylver.


The rain clouds were gathering overhead and Gabriel shivered wishing he'd thought to dress warmer.

“I say we find some shelter” Dawn called to everyone as the first fat drop of rain fell. Gabriel changed his direction slightly aiming for a sizeable forest nearby.


“Beneath the thick trees it was dry and slightly warmer without the wind chilling the air. Dawn sat down and started a magickal fire and began to look at the maps again the others joined him around the fire. Gabriel a few feet away from them began to un-braid his hair dried flakes of mud fell onto the leafy ground.

“Gabriel” Dawn looked up at the vampyre and stopped his eyes widening almost comically. Gabriel's hair was loose flowing past his waist and the vampyre was desperately trying to pull his hairbrush through it to get the mud out.
“What?” Gabriel growled Morgan laughed.

“Sorry Gabriel I think Dawn's brain is on vacation” she giggled.

“Gabriel growled low in his chest and carried on trying to wrench the brush through his hair and tried to ignore the daemon.

“Where are we headed now?” Deacon asked fiddling with his cigarette packet.

“I don’t know” Gabriel admitted “but I really hope it somewhere that knows how remove a hairbrush from a daemons digestive system” Dawn's mouth was slightly open and he was still staring. Morgan waved a hand in front of the daemons face and Dawn blinked and shook his head.

“What?” he grumbled slightly Gabriel swiftly tied his hair back into its usual tight braid and sat down in the only space available between Dawn and Deacon.

“I don’t think Gabriel likes you doing impressions of dead goldfish whilst staring at him.” Morgan smiled

“No I don’t” Gabriel grumbled.

“sorry.” Dawn said quietly

“just remind me not to take my hair down in front of him again that’s twice now and twice he's been struck deaf and dumb” he lay back on his bag and closed his eyes.

“You were lucky sire” Deacon sniggered “you nearly ate hairbrush”

“Huh?” Dawn asked.

“If you'd stared any longer I think you would have been force fed one” Morgan said

“It’s not my fault” Dawn growled Deacon leaned back quickly as the fire flared.

“Easy sire” he grinned “I am rather attached to my eyebrows.” Gabriel laughed and Dawn smiled slightly. 

The End

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