Mistake Number OneMature

Gabriel waited watching the darkness he saw a tunnel to his left light up but didn’t expect to see around twelve angels pour out of it followed by Aura her skin glowed a brilliant silver lighting the cavern up.

“Ah” Aura almost clapped her hands with joy “stopped running have we?”

“I have” Gabriel snarled he shifted his feet for better balance as the angels formed a half circle around him.

“More fool you, my son” Aura sneered Gabriel swung the axe as one of the angels drew too close breaking the formation. His head hit the ground before he did Gabriel returned to the guard position.

“Come now Gabriel” Aura said her voice sickly sweet. Gabriel swung again and two of the angels leapt back out of Hyperion's path. Gabriel took the opportunity to step backwards just into the mouth of the tunnel that Dawn and the others had gone down. He prayed silently and swung Hyperion a final time.

Her blade connected with the rocks and mud above Gabriel's head and he skipped back into the tunnel letting out a whoop of joy as the tunnel caved in. he only just heard Aura's cry of rage as he turned and ran down the tunnel.  




Dawn blinked in the bright sunlight then he began to swear they weren’t on earth they were still on the midway. Only as the others began to relax did they realize that Gabriel was gone.

“Dawn” Morgan shouted “where is he?” Dawn opened his mouth to speak but Sylver got there first.

“I wouldn’t worry” he said his eyes closed “he's near and coming up fast.” Morgan squealed as Gabriel burst out of the tunnel colliding with her and knocking her to the floor. Gabriel landed on his back laughing loudly Dawn smiled for a moment then lifted him into a standing position as Chrys did the same with Morgan. Dawn lifted Gabriel into a hug, the vampyre was still laughing.

“What did you do?” Dawn asked putting Gabriel down.

“I caved the tunnel in” Gabriel smiled Dawn grimaced.

“I was hoping you weren’t going to say that”    


The End

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