A Little Advice and an Element of DangerMature

Gabriel was curled up next to the fire his hands tucked beneath his chin and his knees drawn up near his chest. Morgan heard Dawn sigh.

“I’ll leave him to sleep” she whispered “we’ll talk to him when he wakes up” Dawn nodded and sat down in-between Gabriel and Deacon and Morgan made her way back to her brother.


Sleep was the last thing on Dawn's mind he sat starting blankly at his fire occasionally looking down at the vampyre then back into the dancing blue flames.

“Sire?” Deacon's voice said beside him Dawn looked to the other side and saw Deacon looking up at him. “Sleep is good for you, you know”

“I know” Dawn said tiredly Deacon shuffled closer to Dawn and offered him a cigarette.

“Bad day?” Deacon asked lighting his own.

“No, just bad thoughts” Dawn said to the fire.

“Sire” Deacon said Dawn looked at him.

“I wish you would call me by my name” Dawn grumbled.

“Really?” Deacon sounded happier.


“Okay, Dawn are you willing to wait for Gabriel?” Dawn frowned at Deacon.

“would you do anything for him?” Dawn nodded wondering where this was going. “Then wait” Deacon threw the cigarette end into the fire and rolled away from Dawn.

“I am”

“You’re not, you're pushing and he's pushing back just as hard”

“Well he needs to stop running from his problems” Dawn growled.

“Maybe he's not ready to” Deacon's voice floated to him. Dawn frowned and looked down at Gabriel his heart skipped slightly as he saw the vampyres eyes were wide open.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said.

“Get up” Gabriel hissed “get everyone out” Gabriel scrambled to his feet.


“Now, Dawn” Gabriel snapped Deacon was already up having heard Gabriel's order and was waking the others up as quietly as he could. Dawn joined him as Gabriel ran to the tunnel that they had come out of he peered into the darkness.

“Gabriel” Dawn called as he woke Maxwell and Sylver “what's wrong?” Gabriel didn’t answer he could hear muffled movement in the tunnel.

“Gabriel?” Sylver called as he stuffed his damp clothes into his bag.

“Get going” Dawn pulled his map out and looked carefully at it counting the tunnels around them.

“This way” Dawn  said the others trotted after him. Sylver carried Gabriel's bag and his own. Dawn ushered the others into the tunnel and realized that Gabriel had stopped near him. “Gabriel” Dawn shouted.

“Go” Gabriel replied he was un-strapping Hyperion.

“Come on” Dawn said.

“Dawn don’t argue with me, keep Morgan and Chrys safe.”

“What about keeping you safe?” Dawn shouted.

“I told you I can take care of myself. I'm not running from my problem Dawn” Gabriel smiled Dawn realized that Gabriel had heard the conversation between himself and Deacon.

“that’s not what I meant and you know it” the daemon shouted.

“I don’t care you should say things more clearly shouldn’t you” Dawn knew he couldn't win.

“I’ll kill you for this” Dawn growled and left running after the others.


The End

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