Heart to HeartMature

Gabriel settled down near the fire using his bag as a pillow the laid back and closed his eyes.

“Gabriel” Morgan had moved nearer to him and sat down beside him.

“Hm?” Gabriel didn’t look at her.

“I'm sorry” she said for what?” the vampyre mumbled.

“For causing so much trouble”

“S’alright” Gabriel could feel sleep tugging at him.

“And for embarrassing you”  


“A moment ago with Dawn” Gabriel smiled slightly.

“Its okay” he mumbled.

“Well goodnight” she stood up.

“Night” Gabriel replied. Morgan looked at the group and realized that Dawn hadn’t come back to the fire. She looked around and spotted the daemons large figure nearby.


“Dawn?” she looked down at him he was doodling in the sand on the floor. “Are you okay?” she knelt down beside him.

“I’ll be fine” Dawn said his voice toneless.

“Are you sure?” he looked at her his eyes were bright in the dim light.

“No, but don’t worry” he looked back down at his doodle.

“Is it what I said?” Morgan asked.

“Sort of” Dawn said.

“You’ve got it bad” Morgan said Dawn met her eyes again.

“I think so”

“I take it he knows?” she could almost feel Dawn’s sadness and anguish rolling of him.

“He knows the very basics” Dawn said

“Then tell him the rest” Dawn looked at her.

“I've tried” Dawn said he carried on pushing the sand with his fingers and didn’t look at her.

“Dawn you're a big daemon surely it’s not that scary a prospect?” Morgan smiled Dawn snorted.

“The problem is that I don’t want to upset him anymore than I already have. He's not really in a stable frame of mind right now”

“Did he tell you that?” Dawn frowned at her.

“No but….”

“Then you shouldn’t presume” Morgan said gently “he might be fine but you’ve automatically assumed that he can’t cope”

“I suppose” Dawn said “I don’t really know feelings too well”

“I know” Morgan said “mum remembers what you were like before you met up with him again”

“She knew about before?”

“When you were a guard” Morgan nodded “you should tell him that you know Gabriel's memory isn’t good” Dawn laughed.

“He remembers things that I don’t want him to”

“And forgets the things that mean something” Morgan grinned. “It’s always the same, even when the person’s memory is okay the bad will always outweigh the good.”

“You’re a good kid you know that?” Dawn smiled at her. Morgan laughed.

“If you never call me that again I’ll consider asking him for you if you want” she said

“Really?” the thought hadn’t occurred to Dawn, Morgan nodded.

“But you'll never hear the end of it if I do” she grinned and stood up walking back to the fire.


The End

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