Suddenly the tunnel opened out into a massive cavern, huge marble pillars stretched up into the darkness far above them. Gravely sand covered the ground and Gabriel looked around the dim light that the flashlight and Dawn provided lit up thousands of tunnels branching of the cavern.

“I think we can stop for a while and get a bit dryer don’t you?” Dawn smiled Gabriel nodded.

“Can we light a fire somehow?” Morgan said her arms wrapped around her. her teeth were chattering.

“Sure” Dawn seemed to drop the little ball of blue fire in his hand and it skittered across the floor near to Morgan and slowly flared up into a decent sized fire that looked like a gas flame.

“Thanks” Morgan grinned and settled down near it she began to pull some dry clothes out of her bag.

Gabriel walked away from the group behind one of the huge pillars and began to pull his shirt off.
“Gabriel?” Dawn said nearby Gabriel looked up and couldn’t see the daemon.

“Where are you?” he asked

“The other side of the pillar I thought you'd want a little privacy.”

“Yeah, thanks”

“I wanted to say,” Dawn said slowly “about yesterday”

“Which part?” Gabriel asked pulling a clean t-shirt onto damp skin was proving irritatingly difficult. “A lot of things happened yesterday”

“Our argument in the tunnel” Gabriel felt the guilt rise up again.

“What about it?” he said carefully. He managed to pulled his boots off  and tugged his wet trousers of more easily and replacing them with a dry pair of combats. He tugged a hoodie out of his bag and slipped it on he moved around the pillar so he could see the daemon.

“I wanted to say sorry”

“You already did” Gabriel was struggling to do the zip up his claws arguing with the tiny tab of metal. Dawn nearly stepped forward to help but thought twice about it. “You shouldn’t be sorry Dawn. I should for what I said”

“I didn’t mean about the fight we had and you shouldn't be sorry” Dawn watched Gabriel still fighting with the zip. “I meant about the way I am” Gabriel looked up at the daemon his hands stopping their struggle.

“You shouldn’t apologize for what you are, I never do” Gabriel looked back down carrying on his fight with the zipper.

“Okay” the daemon grinned “then I wont apologize” Dawn moved forward and pulled the ends of the hoodie out of Gabriel's hands the vampyre growled but Dawn didn’t take any notice.

“So where are we headed?” a voice said nearby Morgan was looking at the two of them a small smile on her face. Gabriel tried to move away from Dawn but the daemon still had hold of his hoodie and Dawn gently tugged him back towards him.

“Earth” he smiled “Amarantine's set up a sort of safe house for the daemons and us”

“Oh, okay” Morgan smiled she was holding a bottle that she held out to Gabriel. “Deacon asked me to give you this” thick red liquid stained the airtight bottle and Gabriel made a little noise as he took it.

“Someone’s happy” Dawn smiled fondly and tried not to watch Gabriel as the vampyre necked the bottle.

“Can I ask you both something” Morgan asked.

"sure" Dawn said. 

“Are you two a couple?” Gabriel choked and just about managed to swallow before he began to cough. Dawn laughed and squeezed Gabriel's shoulder.

“No we are not” Gabriel managed angrily.

“Wouldn’t mind though” Dawn grinned.

“In your dreams” Gabriel snarled pulling away from the daemon he downed the rest of the bottle.

“Hey my dreams are better than that” Dawn smiled.

“Too much information” Morgan threw her hands up and smiling she walked back to the fire.

“And for me too” Gabriel swung his bag back on and carrying the empty bottle he began to walk back to the fire Dawn caught one arm and pulled him back into a tight hug.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“I'm not apologising” Dawn grinned at him “you told me not too, I'm just being me” Gabriel's blue eyes looked up at him they were wide and a little bit wary.

“Let me go” the vampyre said gently.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I don’t care” Gabriel's voice rose in volume slightly.

“I do” Dawn said “give me a good reason and I’ll let go” Gabriel didn’t think about his answer.

“Because you're going to get a smack” the vampyre growled.

“You never know” Dawn grinned “I might enjoy it” Gabriel lifted a hand

“With these” he said nodding at his claws.

“Okay, good incentive to let go” he quickly kissed the vampyres forehead and let him go.

“Why do you do that?” Gabriel asked straightening his hoodie out.

“What? Kiss you?” Dawn asked Gabriel nodded. “Because I want to”

“Why there?”

“Did you want me to kiss you somewhere else?” Dawn asked with a grin.

“No I don’t” he said

“Then that’s why” Gabriel smiled slightly and walked back to the others. Dawn watched him go and suddenly his chest felt tight. He sat down his head resting on his hand and sighed Gabriel didn’t notice that the daemon wasn’t following him. 

'All joking aside' Dawn thought 'this is getting difficult' 

The End

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