Thief and WaterMature

Gabriel tapped his pockets looking for his cigarettes Morgan waved a packet at him from her spot on the floor of the tunnel.

“You don’t smoke” Gabriel frowned

“No but you do” she smiled “you should take more care of your pockets.” She handed them to him.

“When did you do that?” he asked

“Just now” she smiled and pulled her coat up over herself like a blanket.

“I didn’t even feel it” Gabriel said pulling a cigarette out of the packet with his teeth.

“I couldn’t have made a living if you could now, could I?” she smiled shutting her eyes.

“Great my daughters a thief” Gabriel said smiling slightly. “Any chance that you pocketed my lighter too?” she handed it to him without opening her eyes.

“I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on you in the future” he smiled leaning back against the wall.



A few hours later they were all on the move again Gabriel and Dawn leading the way.

“Bloody hell” Gabriel grumbled “how big is this place?” Dawn laughed.

“I have no idea” he said “Amarantine said that these tunnels were here before there was life on the midway”

“That was only five years ago” Dawn laughed again.

“He didn’t mean you guys” Dawn said. “He meant the trees the grass things like that”

“Oh” Gabriel said simply.

“You have no idea how long ago that was do you?” Dawn smiled

“No” Gabriel said honestly.

“It appeared a little while after I fell”

“That doesn’t mean a thing to me Dawn”

“Well I've been in the Underworld for around twenty years.” The daemon looked down at his hands and Gabriel saw his fingers move as he counted “around fifteen hundred years”

 “Really?” Dawn nodded

“You would have only been young at the time” Gabriel snorted then he frowned.

“Dawn I've just realized because of the time weirdness thing you're a lot younger than me” Dawn laughed.

“Not really I haven't been in the underworld for all that time” he said lighting a cigarette. “I moved around”


“So there’s probably not that much difference between us”


Gabriel grimaced as his boot was sucked into the mud slightly.

“Uh Dawn?” he said

“Its okay Amarantine mentioned the water in his letter.” Dawn lifted his bag onto his shoulder. “It doesn’t get too deep” Gabriel growled

“Then what's with the bag?” Dawn smiled and walked forward.

“Nothing” Gabriel did the same and heard curses behind him as water began to seep into his boots.

“It better not be any deeper than this” Gabriel watched as Dawn stepped down and followed suit. He swore loudly as cold water reached his waist.

“For gods sake” Maxwell said behind them. Gabriel looked around and saw Daryll riding on Maxwell back and Malachi on Deacons. He looked back round and almost tripped down the next step. Dawn caught him and set him on his feet.

“See nothing to worry about” Dawn grinned. Gabriel flicked his hand sending cold, muddy water at Dawn's face. The daemon shook his head getting the water out of his eyes. Gabriel kept his mouth tightly shut as the water reached his chin Dawn slipped an arm around him and lifted him up the daemon was only wet up to the middle of his ribcage.

“Thanks” Gabriel said Dawn settled him down as the ground below the water began to rise again. Gabriel looked around and saw all the others doing the same if they had someone on their back. “Well wasn’t that fun” Gabriel said sarcastically.

“It’s good” Dawn grinned “because it means we only have a little way to go” Gabriel's face brightened slightly and Dawn smiled at the small mud streaked vampyre.


“Do you know how disgusting it feels having mud and water in a pair of trainers?” Morgan asked grimacing.

“Not really” Dawn said

“You don’t want to” 

The End

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