Out in the Open (very long chapter)Mature

The red light began to glare and hurt his eyes as the single figure moved past him. Gabriel had never seen anything like it the light was shining  brightly from what Gabriel assumed was a person but in the centre was a blackness that seemed impossible the light seemed to dim slightly and Gabriel raised Hyperion and holding her near the blade pressed said blade to what he presumed was the figures neck.

“Why are you following us?” Gabriel hissed the figure sniggered

“I was hoping you'd want me to” Gabriel dropped Hyperion back to his side.

“bloody hell Dawn” he growled “you scared the hell out of us” the light died down until only the daemons left hand was glowing dully.

“Well you don’t want to know what you just did to me then” Dawn grinned.

“Don’t be an idiot come on we've got to catch up to the others” Gabriel was quiet as they walked Dawn stopped ad it took Gabriel a moment to realize he was leaving the daemon behind. “Come on” he said irritably.

“Not yet” Dawn said. Gabriel had a nasty thought at that moment.
“Dawn how do I know you’re you?” he asked his hand flicked to Hyperion's strap ready to undo her. Dawn smiled and moved closer to Gabriel his magick flared slightly.

“One,” the daemon said “your mothers magick is silver” he said the blue flame around his palm shivered slightly. “And two”, he leaned forward and pulled Gabriel into a one armed hug. “I'm me sweetie” Dawn held him tightly Gabriel growled ad reluctantly Dawn let go.

“Don’t call me that” Dawn laughed then his face switched to a serious expression in an instant his magick jumped and landed on the stone wall it sat there pulsating slightly like a freaky jellyfish. The daemon griped both of Gabriel's shoulders “Gabriel, answer me properly okay. Are you alright?”

“I'm fine I've got a few scratches and bruises but I'm okay” Dawn shook his head.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Cuts heal and scars fade but are you okay?”

“I don’t understand” Gabriel said Dawn smiled and moved one of his hands he brushed Gabriel's hair out of the vampyres face and frowned when Gabriel flinched.

“I take that as a no” he said gently.

“Dawn will you stop talking to me in riddles you know I hate it”

“I meant your mind, sweetie” Dawn said “you never used to mind me doing that and now you're flinching” Gabriel growled.

“Then it gives you a good reason not to do it doesn’t it?” he snapped and turned to walk away.

“It does” Dawn said thoughtfully “but its not going to happen” Dawn caught up to Gabriel a few steps down the tunnel. His freaky light seemed to roll after him.

“It will happen Dawn” Gabriel snarled as the daemon came up behind him, Dawn just laughed.

“You wish” the daemon said.

“Actually Dawn I do” Gabriel said.

“Why?” Dawn's face wasn’t smiling anymore. “Surely it’s better than being alone all the time”

“Is it?” Gabriel growled. “I’d rather be alone than be fawned over all the time”

“Really?” Dawn snapped he stopped Gabriel with a hand on the vampyres shoulder Gabriel's blue eyes looked at him.  “Enlighten me” the daemon said. Gabriel slapped the hand away and tried to carry on walking. Dawn gripped the back of his collar the vampyre stopped the bruise on his neck complaining at his now tight shirt collar. 

“Let me go” Gabriel hissed


“I don’t have time for this” Gabriel shouted he tore forward ripping his shirt then he turned to the daemon. “You know Dawn, in your own way you're as bad as her. The problem is you don’t realize it.” He snarled and turned walking away. Dawn stood thunderstruck for a moment then he frowned and lunged forward he grabbed the vampyre and slammed him backwards into the wall holding him by the front of the ruined shirt.

“Take that back” Dawn hissed in his ear.

“No” Gabriel said loudly.

“I'm not like her” Dawn said his deep voice broke slightly as he spoke. “I'm not” Gabriel stared at him.

“You’re hurting me” the vampyre said. Dawn loosened his grip but didn’t let go.

“I'm not like her” he said again “I do what I do because I care”

“So does she” Gabriel said

“No she doesn’t she doesn’t care”

“Dawn she does it because apparently she loves me” Gabriel snarled.

“She’s a liar” Dawn growled “I'm not”

“I don’t care” Gabriel said “you both tell me the same thing. You do what you do because you care. Because you loveme.” Dawn said nothing. “so why would that make me believe you over her?” Dawn wasn’t sure what to say to this.

“Have I ever hurt you?” he asked.

“You are right now” Gabriel's voice had become toneless and quiet, his eyes were blank.

“I don’t mean too” Dawn let him go.

“You may not mean to Dawn, but you do” Gabriel shifted Hyperion slightly to stop her digging into his wing. “Maybe not physically but up here” Gabriel tapped his temple with a sharp claw.

“I'm sorry” Dawn sounded like he was going to burst into tears.

“Dawn” Gabriel sighed. “You’re not like her” Gabriel shook his head. “but you need to let me live”

“I do” the daemon sniffed.

“No” Gabriel lit a cigarette “since I've been in the midway I cant walk two feet without you being there. I can’t have a bad day without you trying to cheer me up or make it better”

“I don’t like seeing you sad” Dawn said.

“Then leave me to it” Gabriel said “I can sort myself out” Dawn nodded slowly.

“Okay” he said reluctantly Gabriel suddenly frowned. “What?”

“I gave the map to Morgan”


“They must be miles away by now”   


The End

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