A few hours had passed and already Daryll had sprained his ankle on a loose stone on the ground and everyone was grouchy from lack of sleep. Gabriel had stopped talking to Morgan and even Deacon had stopped cracking jokes.

“I think its time for a break” Sylver said “it must be safe to stop for a while”

“Sounds good” Daryll said lowering himself to the floor wincing he wrapped both of his hands around his sore ankle.

“Okay” Gabriel said “I'm ready for a bit of sleep anyway” Morgan looked at her watch it was3amalready.

Maxwell apologized as Daryll swore at him the ripped t-shirt that Maxwell was wrapping around his ankle as a temporary strap wasn’t ideal but it was the best the vampyre could manage.

Morgan settled down next to Gabriel who had removed Hyperion from her straps and keeping is hand wrapped around her handle had wedged himself sideways his back against the wall and his feet flat against the other. He folded his free arm across his chest and shut is eyes.

“Gabriel” Morgan said


“Goodnight” Morgan flicked off the torch.

“Night” Gabriel sighed.  


“Gabriel” Morgan's voice woke him up it was pitch black and he almost panicked before realizing where they were.

“What?” he hissed


“At what I cant see a damn thing”

“Yes you can look again” Gabriel looked around and realized that she was right. He could just see the outlines of his hands and arms. “Someone’s following us” he saw her hand rise and looked back the way they had come. A faint red light was coming from the end of the tunnel.   

“Get up” Gabriel hissed he stood up “wake the others and get them moving”

“Alright” Morgan said

“Morgan take my bag for me” Gabriel pressed the bag into her hands and lifted Hyperion from the floor. “And be careful” she nodded at him and he quickly and nimbly stepped over the others and behind him he could hear Morgan whispering to them.


Sylver led the way down the tunnel Deacon was helping Daryll as best as he could, doing a sort of strange sidestep in the narrow space. Soon they couldn’t see again and Morgan switched her torch on again using her hand to partially cover the lens limiting the light enough so they could see in front of them but no one behind the group could see them.  


Gabriel crept back along the tunnel looking for a gap in the wall that was large enough for him to conceal himself in. he found one and hunched down in it. Waiting.  


The End

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