The Secret TunnelMature

Gabriel grabbed Hyperion not wanting to leave her behind and strapped her to his back then left the room. At the bottom of the stairs the others were waiting patiently.       

 Gabriel came down the stairs and watched Morgan reread the maps instructions she walked to the end of the hallway past he training room door. Maxwell pulled Gabriel back and waited for the others to follow her.

“Gabriel” he said “I can’t say how sorry I am”

“You will be” Gabriel snorted and walked away leaving Maxwell alone.


Morgan pushed on one of the wooden panels at the end of the corridor. Gabriel walked up behind them just as the sound of weights shifting in the walls made most them jump a grinding of dusty gears followed that and the panel slid in around an inch. Morgan slipped her thin fingers in the small gap on the left and pulled the panel aside behind it lay a dark and very dusty set of stairs that led down to the left.

Gabriel felt his breath hitch slightly and it was nothing to do with his injured neck. Sylver clapped him on the shoulder and moved into the dark space first. Gabriel took a few deep breath and followed Morgan dug in her pocket and pulled out a mini flashlight the powerful little light cut through the darkness and they moved down the stairs as the others followed them in.

Deacon came next then Tairas Chrys and Daryll who slid the wooden panel back into place.

Gabriel shut his eyes taking a few deep breaths the air was stale and dusty and he coughed a little. He followed Sylver down the rest of the stairs and down into a rough stone tunnel. He moved down the tunnel quickly trying not to envision the tunnel behind his little group closing up and cutting them off.

Morgan came up beside him as best as she could in the narrow space she passed the map to him ad he glanced at it quickly before handing it to Sylver who was ahead of them. He tried not to think of the thousands of other tunnels or where they led.

“You okay?” Morgan asked

“I don’t like tunnels” he said Morgan laughed lightly.

“So you're not perfect” she smiled

“I never said I was” I always thought you were mum said that you used to be an angel and in my mind an angel is perfect” Gabriel snorted

“Then you meet mother” he said.

“Just to let everyone know” Deacon called form behind them “if I see any dead wolves I will officially have a freak out” the others laughed nervously and Gabriel growled

‘That’s all I needed to think of’ he thought





The End

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