Preparations and a Little HumourMature

“Did you want a hand?” Morgan said watching Gabriel pull a small satchel like bag out of the bottom of his wardrobe.

“No thanks go and sort your stuff out” she stood up and walked out.

“See you in a little while” she said as she shut the door. Gabriel tried to growl the whistling in his throat was irritating him and he ended up coughing again as he began to push clothes into his bag choosing lightweight trousers and t-shirts instead of shirts that wouldn’t look too bad if they got crumpled.    



“Gabriel?” Morgan came back in her hair was tied up tightly Gabriel looked at her for a moment.

“My god you look like your mother”

“Thanks, I think” she smiled she pulled the map out of her pocket. “I've had a look at this and we don’t even have to leave the house.”  

“Huh?” Gabriel questioned.

“It seems that your friend Amarantine built an escape route into the house” she smiled and sat down on the bed. “There’s a doorway in the panelling near the training room it leads down into a set of old passageways called the Corvere tunnels. He's drawn a map of the tunnels and the direction we need to go” she passed him the map and the letter.

“You’d better keep hold of that” Gabriel flushed slightly as he passed back the letter.


“I can’t read it” Gabriel looked at his bag and pulled the zipper closed.

“You can’t read?” she asked Gabriel shook his head

“I know a few letters and I can make out some names if I see them enough but no, I can’t read”

“I can teach you if you want?” Morgan said carefully Gabriel looked up at her all traces of embarrassment gone.

“You can teach me if we ever got out of this mess”

“When we get out of it” she said Gabriel smiled

“You have no idea how hard that’s going to be, do you?”

“I'm an optimist” she smiled.

“Well you didn’t get that from me” Gabriel snorted.

“I got some things from you” she said standing up.

“Like what” Gabriel coughed.

“Adventure” she grinned and left the room.

“She’s right you know” a voice came from near the window. Deacon stood there smiling at Gabriel.

“What do you mean?” Gabriel asked.

“That little spark you excel in this kind of thing. The little spark of an adventure” the daemon grinned then he stood up straight “my orders are to keep you safe sir” his voice sounded clipped and almost army like. Gabriel laughed then coughed again.

“Call me that again and I’ll remove your arms” the vampyre sniggered.

“Yes sir” Deacon skipped away from the half hearted claw swipe and out of the room.         

The End

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