Aura had felt the immense power surge and then the teleport and she was pulling her robes back on. The flare of magick had been massive and she needed to know where it had come from.


Gabriel landed on his bed Dawn beside him. The daemon laughed and Gabriel smiled.

“Are you going to be okay?” Dawn asked seriously.

“I’ll be alright”

“We do have an escape route planned if it comes to that” the daemon kissed Gabriel's forehead his hands on the vampyres cheeks.

“Dawn” Gabriel frowned, the daemons face was inches from his own. Gabriel felt his mother’s magick shift a few rooms away. “Dawn, go.” he said urgently. The daemon looked at him for a few moments more before letting go and vanishing. Gabriel's door crashed open and Aura stormed in.

“Where is he?” she roared Gabriel heard the rest of the house begin to move awakened by the amount of noise that was going on.

“Where’s who?” Gabriel snapped back.

“The daemon” she spat “I know he's been in here I can smell it”

“What’s happening?” Sylver asked behind her he rubbed sleep out of his eyes.

“What’s going on my son” Aura snarled not taking her eyes off Gabriel. “This creature has been lying to all of you” the rest of the house was crowding in the hallway outside Gabriel's room. Aura turned and lunging past Maxwell and Chrys she grabbed Morgan's arm.

“I have my heir and I'm leaving the corruption in this house is disturbing and dangerous”

“Don’t you dare” Gabriel growled he launched himself forward aiming for his mother.

The whip lashed out and Gabriel's well planned jump fell short as the metal wrapped around his throat. He dropped to his knees trying desperately to open his airway his claws dragging at the segments of metal around his neck

“Mother no” Sylver shouted he pulled Morgan away from Aura. Gabriel's vision was tunnelling none of the others could get past Aura who was standing in the doorway until Maxwell swung his sword dangerously close to Aura the metal of the whip screeched and broke snapping back and catching Auras face.

“Maxwell” Aura shouted outraged as blood dripped down her cheek.

“Get out” Maxwell hissed Aura looked at all of her children that were around her then she vanished. Morgan ran to Gabriel who was still struggling with the metal around his neck. He saw her mouth move but the pounding of his heart in his ears was louder than her voice.

“Gabriel stop” she cried she found the end of the whip and began unravelling it. Gabriel was on all fours and as his throat opened he began to cough violently.

“Dawn” he managed between coughs.

“Tairas has gone” Sylver knelt down steadying his twin.

Dawn appeared in a flash Tairas at his side. He knelt down and lifted Gabriel's face Gabriel saw the look of anger on Dawn's face as the daemon saw his face. He had bloodshot red rimmed eyes and his lips were a disturbing blue an ugly black bruise was beginning to form around his neck.

Dawn stood and made a beeline for Maxwell who found himself lifted by the collar

“I hope you're satisfied” Dawn hissed he dropped Maxwell unceremoniously the vampyre tripped and landed on his back in the hallway. Dawn helped Sylver stand Gabriel up.

“Dawn, Maxwell was the one that helped Gabriel” Sylver said “the rest of us couldn’t get past mother”

“I don’t care” Dawn snarled “it was Maxwell that put him in danger in the first place” Gabriel moved away from them all and sat down on the bed and launched into a new coughing fit Morgan sat down next to him.

“Dawn” Gabriel rasped his voice harsh. “We’ve got to get out of here”

“I agree” Dawn dug in his pocket and produced Amarantine's map and the letter that went with it he handed them to Gabriel.

“Not useful” Gabriel growled handing the letter to Morgan.

“Sorry” Dawn said. “I've got to get the daemons out”

“All right” Gabriel stood up then started to cough again.

“I think we've got around an hour” Dawn put his arm around Gabriel's shoulder “I'm sending Deacon with you. I’ll catch up” Gabriel nodded and the daemon vanished.

“Pack a bag guys” Sylver said to the crowd in the doorway “we’re leaving.”  


The End

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