Deacon's Intervention (Long Chapter)Mature

The underworld was stifling and as soon as they both appeared in the lower throne room Dawn skipped back away from Gabriel. The electricity that shot through the daemon as he’d touched Gabriel died down but he could see lightning flashes across Gabriel's skin.

“Gabriel” Dawn called he backed up even further the noise was overpowering a low rumbling was making the floor tremble and creak.

Gabriel heard Dawn but he couldn’t do as he was asked his fury was powering his magick using up his limited blood supply. Electricity tore through him and he fell to his knees his eyes wide.

A sharp pain flared in the back of his head and his eyes rolled up and he collapsed. Deacon stood behind him a random chair leg in his hand.

“Sire” Deacon said respectfully Dawn moved forward as Deacon knelt down touching Gabriel's hand he flinched as a small static shock spiked through his hand. “It’s all right”

“Bloody hell” Dawn swore more in relief then anger. He knelt too lifting Gabriel off the floor and carrying him up the stairs at the side of the hall. Deacon followed slowly and watched as Dawn carefully lay Gabriel down on the daemons own bed.

“I’m sorry sire” Deacon said.

“Its okay Deacon” Dawn was calm now “but how did you know?”

“I could feel Gabriel from my place then suddenly he disappeared. I figured either you'd knocked him out or teleported so I came here just in case.”  Dawn nodded

“Thanks” the daemon smiled, and then he sighed. “Well I’d better take a look at him before he wakes up”

“Before who wakes up?” a voice groaned from the bed his hand was on the back of his head his usually blank face wasn’t masking the pain he was in.

“Gabriel Dawn rushed to him and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“How are you?” he asked “what the hell happened?”

“if I remember correctly” Gabriel sat up his hand still on his head. “I got annoyed, my brain went fuzzy and someone whacked me round the head” he looked at Dawn for a moment. “And I'm not talking to you” he frowned Deacon laughed.

“I knocked you out” he said “you looked like you needed it”

“That was an impressive display of power” Gabriel cocked his head as he looked at Dawn.

“You look like a dandelion”

“Huh?” Dawn said Deacon burst out laughing again.

“Your hair sire it’s sort of sticking up a bit” Dawn used his uninjured hand to try and flatten his hair down.

“Now you look like a well groomed dandelion” Gabriel sniggered the vampyre patted his pockets and swore Dawn smiled and offered him a cigarette. “Thanks” Gabriel said shortly. Gabriel looked around as he lit the cigarette with Dawn's lighter. “Where are we?”

“The Underworld” Dawn said lighting his own.

“I gathered that” Gabriel growled “it’s too damned hot. But where are we?” he looked round at the lavish but quite small room.

“This is my bedroom” Dawn said.

“He finally got you into bed Gabriel” Deacon said then covered his mouth with his hand as if to stop any more words form popping out. Dawn glared at him flushing bright red.

“I didn’t know he wanted to” the vampyre said he could smell the blood as it rose to the daemons face.

“Deacon smiled behind his hand and Dawn relaxed slightly as he realized that Gabriel didn’t really care.

“We’d better get back soon” Gabriel sighed.

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“She’ll know I'm gone by now”

“She won’t.” Dawn smiled “we've been here, what forty five minutes” Dawn said looking at his watch.

“About that” Deacon agreed.

“So probably not even a few seconds have passed on the Midway”

“Dawn, are you actually going to explain the time thingies to me now”

“It’s hard” Dawn frowned “okay the Midway and the Underworld don’t really move away from each other. The other places shift and move about. Paradise, the closer it is to the Midway the less time difference”

“Huh?” Gabriel creased his face up in confusion.

“The closer they are to each other the more time runs together” Dawn lit another cigarette offering one to Gabriel. “The further away it is the more difference.”


“The different planes aren’t stacked on top of each other like it seems there are separate places basically with a teleport or a weak spot in their makeup”

“I'm really confused now” Gabriel growled.

“The crater that leads to Earth” Gabriel nodded “it doesn’t lead to Earth it’s takes you to earth”  

“By teleport” Gabriel said.

“Basically yes” Dawn smiled.

“Okay I'm sort of glad you haven't explained this to me before” both the daemons laughed. “Anyway it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t stay here”

“Of course you can” Dawn frowned.

“Dawn if I heal up too much she’ll know. Besides its bloody boiling down here and I need to feed” Dawn opened his mouth “don’t you dare” Gabriel growled.











The End

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