Power PlayMature



The new note read Dawn was gone before deacon had even opened his mouth. He appeared in Gabriel's dark bedroom and looked around.

“Gabriel?” he whispered the water in the bathroom wasn’t running and the bathroom door was open. The lock on the bedroom was slid into place Dawn frowned and moved slightly hearing a noise behind him. The blade pressed to his throat made him freeze a body pressed behind him.

“Gabriel.” Dawn said gently “it’s me”

“I don’t believe you” came the growl from behind him.

“Gabriel, who else could I be?” Dawn asked.

“You’d be amazed” Dawn gently reached up and took hold of Gabriel's hand a dribble of blood ran down into the daemons collar as the blade pressed into his skin.

“How can I prove it?” Dawn asked wary now of even swallowing.

“I don’t care just leave” Gabriel snarled.

“Not happening” the daemon grabbed the sharp blade pulling it away from his neck slicing his fingers open. He spun wrapping his arms around the vampyre and lifted him off the carpet the knife landed on the floor.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said to the struggling vampyre. “What is going on?” Dawn squeezed him tighter and the vampyres body tensed a cry of pain escaping him Dawn let him go in surprise. “Gabriel?” Dawn moved closer to the vampyre who was doubled over and breathing hard.

“Don’t” Gabriel said putting a hand up Dawn ignored the hand wrapped an arm around Gabriel who tried to move away.

“Stop” Dawn ordered.

“You stop” Gabriel hissed.

“You actually believe I'm me now?” Gabriel laughed bitterly.

“You smell like you” he pointed at the hand that wasn’t holding him. Blood dripped to the carpet.

“Bugger” Dawn swore he lifted his hand examining his palm. Gabriel took the opportunity to move away from him. Dawn looked at him then stuck his palm out towards the vampyre who almost fell backwards.

“I can’t” he snarled.

“You’re not biting you're just cleaning up a mess. A mess that you made I might add.”

“It’s not that” Gabriel's eyes were clenched shut. “She’ll know” Gabriel moved further away and Dawn frowned noticing two dark patches on the back of Gabriel's hoodie.

“Hey” he growled he wiped his hand on his jeans and moved forward he grabbed the vampyre before he had the chance to get away.

“Let me go” Gabriel shouted he could hear movement in the house. Angrily Dawn pulled the back of the hoodie up and froze when he saw seven fresh welts across Gabriel's skin. The vampyre stamped down on Dawn's foot and got away.

“How dare you” he snarled Dawn could see the fury behind Gabriel's eyes.

“Gabriel” Dawn moved slowly towards the vampyre. There was a crackling sound building in the air. Dawn could see sparks flicking in the vampyres hair. “Cool off” Dawn put both his hands up apologetically. Gabriel swiped at the advancing daemon Dawn leapt back to avoid the wild swing.

“Get out” Gabriel's voice had a hint of desperation to it now.

“Gabriel, stop” Dawn said Gabriel's eyes had darkened becoming an electric blue.

“I can’t, just go” Gabriel shouted. Dawn leapt forward and just touched Gabriel long enough to teleport. 

The End

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