Dawn sat on Deacon's couch waiting for either another note or for Deacon himself to return.

Deacon arrived first he passed a fat envelope to dawn who tore it open a long letter and a pristine drawing of a map fell out of it.


“Get out” Gabriel growled at the figure that looked so much like dawn. The figure stood his pale blue eyes burning into Gabriel's.

“You have no right to order me about” Gabriel shivered

“You have no right to use his voice” the figure walked words him the image shrank and twisted as it moved revealing Aura.

“You’ve been avoiding me” Gabriel backed up further as his mother walked towards him.

“No” Gabriel said it too quickly.

“Yes, I haven't seen you all day my son” Aura sneered “I was hoping we could catch up”

“I've been busy” Gabriel said he tried to move back further and found the wall of his room blocking his path. Aura pushed the loose strand of hair behind Gabriel's ear burying her hand in his hair.

“My son” Aura smiled. “You’ve only been busy avoiding me. Maybe hoping the daemon would come and see you?”  Gabriel couldn’t shake his head as the grip in his hair tightened her nails digging into his scalp.

“Mother” Gabriel twisted trying to loosen the grip on his hair. Her nails began to split the skin behind his ear and he felt blood begin to drip down his neck.

“You always disobey me my son” Aura said her voice sounded sad. Gabriel knew what was coming next.


Morgan snuck up outside Gabriel's door. She stopped to check the hallway quickly then reached for the handle. A sharp crack from inside made her stop, the gasp of pain that followed it made her blood run cold.


In a way Gabriel was grateful for the belt that Aura was tucking into her robes again. He would have no new scars or any open wounds for Dawn to worry about. His breathing was slowing down again as Aura moved towards the door.

“Remember” she smiled as she left. Gabriel gingerly felt his back and side his claws couldn’t feel the skin but they could differentiate between the normal flesh and the raised welts left by the belt buckle.


Morgan watched as Aura entered her room and shut the door. Carefully she pushed Gabriel's door open not wanting to draw Aura's attention by knocking.

“Gabriel?” She whispered there was no answer.


Gabriel had the water too hot and he knew it. The liquid scalded his skin turning it a violent pink. He didn’t care as he scrubbed his skin hard enough to bring up blood blisters then dropping the washcloth he sank down into the base of the shower curling up as small as possible. 

The End

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