Dawn appeared back in Deacon's lounge.

“I need you to run a message for me” he said

“Yes sire” Deacon pulled a pad of paper out of his desk drawer and found a pen down the back of the couch Dawn scribbled the note for him.

“It needs to get to Amarantine as fast as possible” Deacon nodded and left the small house.

Gabriel had managed to avoid his mother all day he lay on the wooden floor in the dark music room listening to the sounds of the house and the heavy rain falling outside. He was still trying to work out what to do he had come up with a few plans each as unreal and stupid as the last he sighed.

“Hi Gabriel” Morgan said she sat down next to him. “How are you?”

“All in one piece for now” he smiled.

“Good” she wanted to tell hm about the note she had sent to Dawn but she didn’t know what his reaction would be so she stayed quiet.

“And you?” Gabriel asked.

“I’m alright” she said.

“Any idea what time it is?” the vampyre stretched his legs out. Morgan looked at her watch.

“Nearly eight thirty” she said.

“Good I can get away with going to bed now” he stood up and stretched flashing a smile at her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” she smiled back.


Gabriel dressed for bed and flopped down on his mattress. He shut his eyes and didn’t notice his door opening until someone sat down on the edge of his bed he sat up quickly.

“Anything happen today?” Dawn's deep voice said Gabriel relaxed again and rolled over to look at the daemon.

“No” Gabriel looked closely at Dawn the daemon looked different.

“Have you worked out what to do yet?” he asked.

“No idea” Gabriel said slowly. The vampyre stood up and backed away from the bed he'd worked out what was wrong. 

The End

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