Morgan's Little Bit of HelpMature

It was almost fifteen minutes before Morgan came in looking for him.

“Gabriel?” she hurried over to him. He was sitting on the floor his knees up his forehead pressed onto his knees his hands were buried in his hair. Morgan knelt down next to him and gently stroked the back of his hair until he looked up.

She was shocked to see fresh tear tracks down the vampyres face she wrapped an unsure arm around his shoulders. “They’ve all gone to bed” she said after a little while.

He looked at her and smiled slightly he groaned slightly as he moved. “Are you okay?” she asked

“Fine” he said standing up “let’s just say that if you and your brother are mine then you’re not getting any siblings any time soon.”

Morgan had said goodnight to him and gone into her own room before she worked out what he had meant. In her room she frowned and pulled a pad of paper from her bag. She scribbled a quick note on it and locked her door. Hen she pulled open the window and shimmied swiftly down the drainpipe running as fast as she could to Deacon's she stuffed the letter through the letter box and left quickly climbing back into her room.  



Deacon stood up from the sofa

“What the hell?” he grumbled. He picked up the letter and saw the spidery writing. “Its for you” Deacon handed Dawn the note.




It read.


I think Gabriel's in a bit of trouble he might need your help.


The note wasn’t signed Dawn stood up pocketing the note.

“I’ll be back in a while.” He said Deacon frowned.

“Sire” he shook his head “don’t go up to the house you know that’s not Gabriel's writing”

“it cant be” Dawn smiled “he cant write”

“Then it could be a trap”

“I doubt it” he pulled the note out and handed it to Deacon “there’s only one person I know who smells like that” Deacon sniffed the note.

“Peaches?” he asked.

“Morgan” Dawn smiled and vanished.


Gabriel buried his face in his pillow wondering what to do next. A gentle hand tugged his braid out from beneath him. Gabriel jumped flipping over and Dawn caught the vampyres hands as the claws lashed out.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said his voice sounded slightly strained.

“Hi” the daemon smiled Gabriel sat up as Dawn played with the end of the vampyres braid.

“What are you doing here?”
“I received an anonymous tip-off that things aren’t going well” Gabriel looked down at his hands.

“Not really” he mumbled Dawn pulled a protesting vampyre into his lap.  






The End

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