Ridiculously Short ChapterMature

“Can I have a quick word in private?” Dawn asked the vampyre nodded he was trying to process everything in his head. “Gabriel I'm going to stay with Deacon while she's here”

“What? Why?” Gabriel growled.

“Because if I'm in the house I’ll antagonize her and it most likely wont be me she takes it out on” Gabriel knew that Dawn was making sense. “I’ll be nearby if you need me” he daemon gripped Gabriel's shoulders.


Gabriel walked as slowly as he could on the way back to the house. Chrys walked with Dawn and Morgan had dropped back to speak to Gabriel.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“I’ll be fine” a thought sprang horribly into Gabriel's mind. “Morgan let Chrys know when you’re both alone not to let Aura know that we might be related”

“Okay” Morgan smiled “any reason?”

“Plenty but just trust me for now” Morgan nodded in the distance the daemon city came into view and Gabriel took a deep breath.


Dawn pulled Gabriel into Deacon's small house and held him in a bone crushing embrace.

“Dawn?” Gabriel's voice was slightly strained.

“Gabriel listen to me” Dawn loosened his grip slightly. The vampyre looked up at him Dawn swallowed and tried to smile. “Don’t let her get to you I’ll be here if you need me, whenever you might need me” Dawn gave Gabriel one last squeeze and let him go.

“I can cope” Gabriel said sounding braver than he felt.

“I know” Dawn smiled successfully this time but his eyes stayed sad.

“See you later” Gabriel turned to leave.

“I hope that’s a promise” Dawn muttered.

“Me too” Gabriel replied and shut the door. 

The End

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