A Little Bit of NewsMature

Morgan and Chrys were waiting in the lounge for Gabriel. Chrys had a long coat on similar to his sisters curtains of white blonde hair hung in his face.

“Hey” Morgan greeted Gabriel nodded and then looked at Chrys.

“Does he ever speak?” Gabriel heard Chrys snigger slightly.

“Sometimes” Morgan said “he's just quiet. I more than make up for it though” she said Gabriel smiled then he turned.

“Come on then” he said. They left heading quickly through the daemon city.


In Brighton Gabriel led the way through the streets.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” he asked.

“After you’ve fed” Morgan said Gabriel could see she was nervous about something he nodded.

“Alright, well I'm going this way” he nodded at the crowded street to his left.

“Okay, we’ll go this way, meet back here in half an hour?” she asked Gabriel nodded and walked away.


Half an hour later Gabriel was back at the meeting place his cheeks flushed and a cigarette in his hand. He was sat on the stone steps of a random house waiting for Morgan and Chrys. He looked up as they came near him.

“Hi” Morgan said.

“Hey” Gabriel stood up.

“Are we heading back?” Morgan asked

“We can” Gabriel was getting slightly irritated he wanted to know what all of this was about.

“Okay” Morgan took a deep breath “our mother told us that if we ever needed to we could find you” she stopped.

“Who was your mother?” Gabriel asked

“Allegra Green” Gabriel stopped and stared at her.

“She’s alive?” he said startled. Morgan stopped a confused smile on her face.

“Well, she was last time we saw her we haven't seen her for a while though”

“She’s done her vanishing act again” Gabriel said he carried on walking and Morgan nodded. “So why come to me?” he asked

“Well, we were living in the kelpie lake” Morgan said Gabriel looked confused. “It’s just below Earth” she added.

“The Underworlds below Earth” Gabriel said even more confused.

“There’s a few small places in between” Morgan smiled. They were walking out of the noisy city now. “So we were there and …um… mother left and because we’re hybrids we weren’t allowed to stay without her”

“So why me?” Gabriel was really wondering now.

“Well” Morgan said slowly Gabriel lit a cigarette as they walked. “Mother said that you could offer us a safe place and friends and she also said… that you're our dad”      



The End

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