Badly Worded RequestsMature

Dawn knocked on Gabriel's door.

“What?” came the irritated voice from inside.

“It’s me” Dawn called through.

“I'm fully aware of that” Gabriel snarled Dawn pushed the door open.

“I'm not shouting through a door at you” Dawn said Gabriel wasn’t in the room he was behind his dressing screen. “Okay what the hell have I done wrong this time?” Gabriel came out from behind his screen. He had his tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt on. His long silver hair flowed down between his wing and over his shoulders.

“What have you done?” Gabriel repeated “Dawn you act weird around me then you’re all over me then you don’t want me near you and you throw a temper tantrum and get drunk over a tiny argument. Oh and you're silent little argument with Sylver?” Gabriel reeled off the list. “Are you even listening?” Gabriel snapped the daemons mouth was hanging open slightly.

“Not really” Dawn admitted.

“Then go away” Gabriel growled he pulled his hair back into a long tail and tied the leather strap around it tightly.

“That’s better” Dawn smiled Gabriel frowned.

“Get lost Dawn” Gabriel sighed

“Gabriel I'm sorry”

“I don’t care” Gabriel said climbing into bed

“Cant I have a conversation with anyone else?” Dawn growled

“Of course you can but not like you and Sylver were doing earlier”

“What were me and Sylver doing?” Dawn snapped he knew he was digging himself deeper into a hole but he couldn’t help it.

“I don’t know what you two were talking about but Sylver found something damn funny and I don’t like people talking in front of me when I'm not supposed to hear” Gabriel sparked a cigarette

“Do you want to know what was so funny?”

“I don’t much care now” Gabriel shrugged.

“I spoke about something to him when you guys first moved here and he thinks it’s funny” Gabriel didn’t even look at the daemon.  Gabriel I'm going to ask you something.”


“will you go out with me?” Dawn said it so fast it sounded like a random jumble of words.  

“What?” Gabriel snapped.

“I said” Dawn took a deep breath and let the words out slowly. “Will you go out with me?” Gabriel raised his eyebrows.

“I'm not going anywhere at this time of night” Gabriel growled

“I didn’t mean it like that” Dawn sighed.

“Then what exactly did you mean?” Gabriel sounded exhausted.

“I…” Dawn closed his mouth and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Go away Dawn” Gabriel stubbed the cigarette end out in the ashtray and pulled the covers up rolling over so his back was facing the daemon.

“I love you” the daemon muttered and walked out shutting the door behind him. Gabriel growled to himself and shut his eyes.  


The End

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