Little SecretsMature

“Where are they?” Dawn growled Gabriel shrugged. “They were here a minute ago”

“I don’t even know which rooms they're in” Gabriel said

“We could go and knock on the empty ones” Dawn suggested.

“Hm” Gabriel thought “Sylver's in the music room he's the one who said they could stay.”

“Since when could Sylver say who comes and goes here?” Dawn asked

“it is his house too and you’re a fine one to talk” they made their way down the corridor to the music room.


“Malachi?” Gabriel reminded

“I forgot about him” Dawn said flushing lightly. “I never see him”

“Nor me” Gabriel pushed the door to the music room open.


“Kadence” Dawn roared as they spotted Sylver the female daemon leapt off Sylver lap and stood straight.

“My apologies my lord” she stammered and left the room quickly.

“Sylver” Gabriel had a look of disgust on his face. “She’s a daemon”


“She’s a completely different species to you”

“So what? It’s not like you can talk” Sylver was blushing furiously.

“Never mind” Gabriel said glaring at him. he didn’t see Dawn behind him or the daemons sad expression. Sylver raised an eyebrow at the daemon but Dawn shook his head.

“What did you want anyway?” Sylver asked his green eyes flicked back to his brother.

“Morgan” Gabriel said he was frowning slightly. Sylver could feel suspicion creeping into his twins mind.


“You said she could stay?” Sylver nodded “and her brother?”


“Do you even know them or anything about them?”
“I know a little” Sylver said Gabriel just waited. “They’re twins they're only young and they can’t find their mother anywhere”

“Whose their mother?” Dawn asked Sylver shrugged.

“I didn’t ask”

“Well you can next time you see them if I don’t get there first” Gabriel growled. Dawn looked distractedly at Gabriel Sylver noticed and sniggered. “Something funny?” Gabriel snarled Sylver shook his head and Gabriel looked round at Dawn.

“No” Sylver smirked trying to keep his face straight Gabriel growled low in his chest he turned and left the room.  

“You haven’t told him yet?” Sylver whispered to Dawn once Gabriel was out of the room. Dawn shook his head feeling thoroughly miserable now. “I would do it soon before someone else catches his eye”

“You told me not too” Dawn whispered back.

“True, but I didn’t like you then” Sylver grinned evilly Dawn turned quickly and left. “And I still don’t” Sylver muttered to himself.



“Gabriel” Dawn said he jogged to catch Gabriel going upstairs. The vampyre turned to look at him over the banister.

“Are you going to tell me what that was all about?” Gabriel asked.

“What, what was about?” Gabriel frowned.

“Dawn, I’m not an idiot”

“I know you’re not” Dawn frowned

“Then what was that all about?” Gabriel repeated his question.

“I don’t know what you're talking about” Gabriel glared at the daemon for a moment.

“Goodnight Dawn” Gabriel said calmly he carried on walking to his room. Dawn stood still for a moment wondering what had just happened.  



The End

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