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Gabriel reached the bedroom door and turned to look at the bed. Dawn rolled over as if knowing that Gabriel was looking at him.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said “don’t tell anyone what I said”


“None of them know” Gabriel turned and left. Dawn rolled onto his back looking at the draped over the bed. Now he really couldn’t sleep. Gabriel moved silently down the stairs. He saw Morgan in one of the chairs she was speaking quietly to another figure whose back was facing Gabriel. He stuck to the dark shadows and slipped like a ghost out of the front door.


The cold wind inBrightonwhipped his braid back stinging his face.

“Bloody weather” he grumbled to himself. He stopped outside the house that they had found Alexander outside of. He saw yellow police tape cordoning off the door. A police car was stationed nearby and he hurried past thankful that although it was cold the snow had gone. The smell of the city rose and he smiled he found himself upstairs in a small coffee shop the single sun blazed through the window. He thought about Dawn the daemon still confused him he didn’t like it. He tightened his gloved hands around the coffee cup the heat travelling into his hands through the leather of his gloves easily. He sniffed and sat back watching the people walking past outside.  


A few days passed and Gabriel had avoided being alone with Dawn since. He wasn’t annoyed with the daemon he just had no idea what to say to him.

Morgan found him laying on the training room floor his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. The large black wings were spread out on the cool wooden floor.

“Hi” she said quietly wondering if he was asleep. There was a young man following a few steps behind her. “Gabriel?” she said the vampyres forehead creased in a frown.

“What?” he growled his eyes flicked open and he looked at her.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine”

“I thought I’d let you know that we’re staying here for a little while”

“We?” Gabriel looked up at the young man standing nearby.

“This is my brother Chrystopher, he prefers Chrys” she smiled

“Does he?” Gabriel didn’t want an answer “do you both have somewhere to stay?” he asked. Morgan nodded

“Sylver has give us a room each, just until we find our feet” Gabriel nodded and closed his eyes again he smiled slightly when he heard them leave.


Dawn came in the front door taking his coat off. He frowned slightly seeing Morgan and a young man in the lounge they were whispering to each other. He cleared his throat and they both turned to look at him.

“Have either of you seen Gabriel?” he asked Morgan flicked her long hair back.
“He was in the training room when I last saw him”

“Thanks” Dawn muttered and headed down the hallway.


Gabriel was still lying on the floor his eyes still shut his wings shifted slightly as Dawn entered the room.

“Gabriel?” Dawn laid his coat over his arm and began pulling off his gloves. Gabriel could smell burning coals and ash.

“Dawn you smell like an ashtray” he said not looking at the daemon.

“Your sense of smell is disturbing” Dawn said “I'm nearly fifty yards away from you” Gabriel grinned his eyes still shut.

“How’s Hell?” Gabriel asked Dawn frowned.

“The underworld” he growled.

“Same thing” Gabriel sat up twisting his wings slightly.

“Its not Gabriel. Believe me” Dawn mumbled. “so Morgan is here again?”

“And her brother” Gabriel added.

“Her brother?” Gabriel nodded

“Who are they?” Dawn asked Gabriel frowned.

“They're not daemons?” Dawn shook his head.

“I've never seen either of them before” Dawn said “she appeared at your birthday. I've no idea if he was there too” Gabriel pushed himself up.

“I think some questions need answering” he growled and left the room.



The End

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