Sleepless NightsMature

Gabriel sniffed slightly. Dawn lifted him up and carried him to the bed laying him down.

“Hey” Dawn sat down next to him and pushed Gabriel's hair out of his eyes. “Are you alright?” Gabriel nodded.

“I... um… I’m sorry I kicked you” Gabriel said

“I sort of deserved that” Dawn smiled “I take it what you told me is the reason you’re claustrophobic” Gabriel looked at him

“I have no idea” Gabriel took the cigarette that Dawn had just lit and took a drag from it he felt himself calm down a little.

“So how long did this go on for?” Dawn asked he lit another cigarette he was trying desperately keep himself calm. Gabriel watched his face distort for a moment before he calmed down again.

“Dawn what does your daemon form look like?” Dawn laughed as Gabriel tried to change the subject Dawn let him.

“You don’t want to know Gabriel” Dawn smiled “ but I think you should get some sleep”   

“Dawn” Gabriel said “can you….?”

“Can I what?” Gabriel frowned

“Stay” Gabriel mumbled

“Sure” Dawn smiled, he moved around the bed and pulled the covers back sliding into the bed beside Gabriel.The vampyre rolled away from him

“good night, Dawn”

“Night sweetie” he heard Gabriel growl and the daemon laughed softly. He rested a hand on Gabriel's shoulder and listened to the vampyre fall asleep. He lay awake for a few hours.

 Dawn sighed he couldn’t work out what to do next. He ran a hand over Gabriel's hair.

“Don’t do that” the vampyre grumbled.


“No Dawn” Gabriel's voice was clearer now, “I’m sorry”

“What are you sorry for?”

“For being a coward.”

“You’re not a coward” suddenly Gabriel sat up swinging his legs out of the bed.

“I am”

“Why are you?” Dawn asked. The daemon sat up and looked carefully at Gabriel wondering what was going through the vampyres mind.

“Because I am” Gabriel stood up the room was still dark “and I’m going for a walk” Gabriel pulled his boots on. Dawn made to move out of the bed. “Alone.”   Dawn flattened his hair with his hands. “Dawn” Gabriel growled his back to the daemon as he pulled his coat on.


“Stop staring at me”

“Sorry” Dawn mumbled “is it alright if I stay here?”

“Why?” Gabriel asked turning to look at him.

“I’m comfortable and I need sleep. If I move I wont be able to go to sleep”  Gabriel looked at Dawn strangely.

“You’re weird”

“I know”


The End

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