Whispered PromisesMature

“Talk to me” Dawn said quietly in Gabriel's ear.

“I can’t”

“Why not?”
“because I cant” Dawn shifted putting his arms around Gabriel's shoulders he felt the vampyre tense up.

“Easy” Dawn said “I’m not hurting you” Gabriel reached up to touch Dawn's hand.

“I know” they sat silently for almost five minutes before Gabriel stood up pulling gently away from the daemon behind him. “Dawn I have to go to bed” he said looking at the floor Dawn sighed.

“Okay but first” Dawn said pulling a cigarette out of his packet he settled back against the headboard. “I want to play a game” Gabriel looked up from his detailed inspection of the carpet.


“I want to play a game it’s actually a favourite of Sylver's” Gabriel sighed he knew the game very well.

“Dawn I don’t really want too” he said Dawn smiled and held the pack of cigarettes out to him.

“I’m playing too. You'll get your questions answered” Gabriel sighed again

“Alright” he took the pack and pulled a cigarette out with his teeth passing the packet back. “Who’s first?”

“Flip for it?” Dawn said digging his hand into his pocket. Gabriel's eyes flicked to the bottom of the bed.

“Dawn” he said sitting down on the bed again. “I’m going to close my eyes and when I open them again I hope that you have not got a dirty pair of boots on my bed. I call heads” Dawn laughed and swung is legs off the bed and quickly pulled his boots off. Gabriel opened his eyes and saw that the offending boots had gone Dawn wriggled his black socked toes and grinned.

“Better?” he asked

“I have no idea” Gabriel shrugged “I don’t like feet either”

“No pleasing some people” Dawn smiled. He flicked the coin into the air and caught it flipping it onto the back of his other hand.

“Show it” Gabriel said as Dawn peeked under his hand the daemon smiled and uncovered the coin

“Heads your question” he said.

“Okay” Gabriel thought for a moment trying to think how to word the question. “Why do you stare at me?” Dawn smiled gently.

“Easy, because I like the way you look”

“Dawn I’m a mutant freak” Gabriel frowned lifting his claws up.

“No, you’re not” Dawn said harshly.  “My turn” Dawn said “why are you so funny around me?”

“What?” Gabriel asked.

“Why do you act so strangely?” he said rephrasing the question.

“Because you always seem to want to touch me” Gabriel mumbled. “Why do you always want to touch me?” Dawn laughed

“Because I like the way you feel, and I want to make you feel better when you’re sad” Gabriel pulled a face at this reply. “What did she do to you?”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned.

“Your mother” Dawn growled all the humour was gone from the daemons voice now.

“Pass” Gabriel hissed.

“Okay” Dawn said he knew Gabriel would use up his pass on that question. “I’m going to move through fear of castration now” Dawn shifted off the bed standing near it and watching Gabriel. “Where did all your scars come from?” Dawn watched Gabriel carefully.

“Pass” Gabriel said

“You cant you’ve already used it” Dawn said he could see Gabriel's fists clenched in his lap.

“Well I don’t want to answer” Gabriel said Dawn walked around to him kneeling down in front of him.

“Please?” Dawn said. He looked up at Gabriel and saw the blank face Gabriel had shut himself off again. Dawn frowned he was going to regret what he was about to do but he shifted to his last resort.

“What are you scared of?” he snapped Gabriel's eyes slid up looking at the daemon Dawn was glad at this point that looks couldn’t kill.

“What did you say?” Gabriel said quietly.

“I said what are you scared of?” Dawn repeated loudly.

“I’m not scared” Gabriel hissed

“Then tell me” Gabriel shook his head “then you’re scared” Dawn watched as the anger animated Gabriel face. What he didn’t expect was Gabriel's booted foot to connect with his stomach. He slumped down the breath hitching in his throat.

“Do you want know Dawn?” Gabriel snarled standing up “do you want to know what it’s like living in a place where you’re scared to move in case its wrong where you get shut in a tiny room, with no windows for days and then you get out there’s no apologies there is a beating. Then the next day it starts all over again, I couldn't do anything or be near anyone without wondering what I would do wrong next” Dawn's pain was forgotten he looked up into Gabriel's eyes. There was no fear there was nothing but anger. He pulled himself up and took a deep breath.

“Gabriel” he whispered “I had no idea” he moved towards Gabriel and tried to put an arm around the vampyre. Gabriel moved swiftly heading towards the bathroom. “no you don’t” Dawn followed quickly and caught Gabriel around the waist he turned him around and held onto him.

“Dawn let me go” Gabriel's voice broke as he shouted.

“No chance” Dawn looked at the vampyres face. His eyes were swimming with tears only one slid down his face. “Gabriel listen to me” Dawn said Gabriel had stopped struggling and was just standing in Dawn's arms. “She cant get you anymore, not like that. I won’t let her near you” Dawn whispered the promise








The End

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