Dawn settled back on the bed his back resting against the headboard. He put his cigarette out in the ashtray on the bedside table and closed his eyes.


Gabriel removed the towel from his wrist checking the cut and he sighed. He opened the bathroom door to see the room in darkness. He smiled to himself and moved towards the wardrobe being careful of his sore arm he pulled his tracksuit trousers out flicking them over his shoulder.

He pulled the curtains shut blocking out the view of the daemon city a little way away from the house then pulled the curtain at the side of his bed open.

“Dawn” he shouted the daemon awoke with a start “get out”

“Gabriel” Dawn groaned “why did you wake me up?” Gabriel growled
“out” the vampyre said

“No” Dawn replied his mind sharpening as it woke properly. Gabriel looked at him in surprise.

“Now” the vampyre snapped.

“No” Gabriel shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Dawn” he said slowly

“Gabriel I’m not leaving” Dawn could feel a tiny amount of magick coursing through him. The small amount of sleep had started to do its job. The daemon sat up and rolled his shoulders.

“Can I ask why?” Gabriel growled

“Yes” Dawn smiled. Gabriel dumped the trousers on the bed and lit the candle beside him.

“Well?” he snapped when Dawn didn’t say anything.

“You cut yourself” Dawn said calmly.

“So?” Gabriel said “that’s all you were going to do”

“Gabriel” Dawn growled

“What?” Gabriel snapped “Dawn you seem to have a problem with everything I do”

“I don’t have a problem with everything you do” Dawn said gently “I’m just curious as to why you’ve been so shitty lately” Gabriel just stared at him.

“I haven’t been sleeping” Gabriel muttered “that’s all” he sat down on the edge of the bed his back to Dawn. The daemon shifted behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. “My dreams are getting worse” Gabriel stared at the floor. 

The End

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