Incubus and AccusationMature

Deacon pulled a chair out of his small dining room for Alexander.

“What about Gabriel?” Alexander asked Dawn groaned from the sofa.

“What about him?” Deacon asked.

“He’s overdosed” Dawn grumbled. The daemons head was pounding and every time he opened his eyes the room span.

“Can the vampyres do that?” Deacon asked.

“Well you can” Dawn said to Deacon.

“True” Deacon grinned. “But at least with me it doesn’t feel too bad” Alexander frowned.

“How come?” Deacon's grin grew wider.

“Deacon's an incubus” Dawn groaned as he sat up.

“Oh, okay” Alexander smiled.

“Sire, lay down” Deacon said.

“I cant Gabriel’s probably causing havoc by now” Dawn held his head.

“Then I’ll check on him” Deacon said.

“No” Dawn said harshly “I can manage”

“Sire, with all due respect that is complete and utter shite” Deacon said Dawn glared up at him and then sniggered slightly.

“Probably” Dawn stood slowly “alright we’ll all go”

The three of them moved slowly out of Deacon's small house and towards the larger one. Opening the door Dawn was confronted by Sylver who was in the lounge.

“So it was you” the vampyre growled. “Is this your next big idea getting Gabriel drunk?”

“Gabriel is not drunk” Deacon said

“Really? That's why he was hanging upside down off the banister telling everyone who passed that he was a bat” Sylver said “and what about him” he pointed at Dawn.

“He’s not drunk either”

“Well he looks it”

“Gabriel's overdosed.” Deacon said “Dawn's just low on magick”

“And they both come with the same symptoms?” Sylver asked Deacon nodded. Both Deacon and Alexander helped Dawn upstairs. Sylver followed slowly behind them. 

The End

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