Gabriel nodded and leapt nimbly up the metal fire escape he heard the crack as Dawn and Alexander vanished.

He reached the roof and pulled his coat off just as five people crowded out of the door Gabriel saw the woman who had answered the door earlier. His mind decided that it wanted her. The memories of the man he had killed had shown him that she had helped with the body count.

He used his wings to carry himself over to the low roof at the back of the house. She yelped in surprise her gun slipping from her hand as Gabriel grabbed her from above.


Dawn waited by the crater that led to earth. He was breathing hard his skin pale his magick was dangerously low. They waited almost half an hour before Gabriel shot through the crater straight up into the air he was laughing manically. He landed next to Dawn.  

“Gabriel” Dawn gripped the vampyres shoulders. His skin was almost glowing “what did you do?”

“she was only small” Gabriel said he felt very drunk and very happy.

“you’ve overdosed” Dawn frowned.

“not quite” Gabriel grinned

“lets get home” Dawn said “I cant look after you right now” the daemon was struggling to keep his eyes open. Gabriel wrenched away from the daemon almost overbalancing him.

“I don’t need looking after, I’m not the one who looks half dead” Gabriel growled. He began to walk towards the house. Dawn groaned as he thought about the journey home. Alexander slid his arm beneath Dawn's arms and supported him as they walked. The scavenger waited a few moments before he spoke.

“Does he know?” he asked.

“Know what?” Dawn said

“That you’re hot for him” Dawn growled

“How the hell do you know that?”

“It’s sort of obvious” Alexander smiled

“Not to him” Dawn grumbled.

“then tell him”

“and lose a vital extremity?” Dawn said “I don’t think so” Dawn replied. He watched Gabriel disappear into the daemon city in the distance and smiled slightly.

“is he really that bad?” Alexander asked Dawn didn’t know what to say.

“he’s unpredictable” was all he said

“ah, I see”

In the city  Deacon ran forward taking Dawn from Alexander and leading him into his small house Dawn smiled gratefully and shut his eyes laying on the soft sofa.    















The End

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