Blood and BodiesMature

A few moments passed and a tense looking woman opened the door.

“Good evening” Dawn smiled, Gabriel tried not to laugh. “We’re from the environmental health department. We have received a number of complaints about the smell coming from your basement.” The woman glared at him Gabriel watched Dawn smile and the woman’s eyes glazed slightly.

“Come in” she said her voice was a monotone.

“Thank you” Dawn said he stepped in and Gabriel followed.

“My partners in there” she said she walked away her movements drunken and slow.

“What did you do to her?” Gabriel asked.

“Shhh, not here” Dawn said.

“As long as you don’t try that with me” Gabriel muttered

“I wouldn’t dare” Dawn smiled he pushed the door open and stepped into the massive living room. A man sat on the other side of the room a newspaper held up in front of his face.

“What?” the man said not lowering the paper.

“We’re from….” Dawn started

“No you’re not” the man folded the paper and put it down on the small table next to the armchair. “I’ve had plenty of officials at my door and not one of them has worn leather.” He glared at Dawn's coat.

“True” Dawn grinned.

“So what do you want?” Gabriel was watching the man carefully.

“I want to know about the bodies in your basement” Dawn said blatantly Gabriel almost smelt it as the mans heart sped up. He made a small noise of wanting.

“Alright” Dawn whispered to him.

“my business is nothing to do with you” the man spat. Dawn saw the mans hand move to the back of his waistband and in a red flash appeared at his side. He forced the mans hand up towards the ceiling as the gun came into view.

“Gabriel lock the door” Dawn called. Gabriel turned and behind him a shot rang out he spun back as a chunk of plaster hit the floor. Gabriel quickly locked the door. Dawn pulled the gun from the mans hand and used the butt to hit the side of the mans head. The human dropped landing on his back on the floor. Gabriel came up to them he could smell the blood now.

“Do you mind Dawn?” he asked

“I’ve got to go and get our little friend from outside” Dawn moved to let Gabriel near the man and watched for a few seconds as Gabriel knelt down. He ran a gloved hand over the human’s dark hair. Dawn vanished as Gabriel lifted the man carefully into his lap.


Outside the scavenger had done as he was told he was still hunched down by the cellar door. He watched with interest as Dawn appeared. Dawn pushed down the feeling of jealousy at the sight of Gabriel treating the human so gently. He gripped the scavengers shoulder and they vanished. Gabriel was confused the blood running through him was exquisite but the memories of the man ran though his mind like a badly made silent movie. He let the body slip from his hands the dead mans skull crunched on the hard wooden floor. Gabriel didn’t much care the man deserved it there were at least forty bodies in the basement. Gabriel couldn’t work out how he hadn’t been caught the smell must have been atrocious but then again he couldn’t smell it either. Dawn and the scavenger appeared in a flash of red light. Dawn was breathing hard.

“we’ve been down to the basement” Dawn said breathlessly “there’s nothing he can use they're all to old and they're covered in some chemical” the scavenger moved forward and Gabriel moved towards Dawn as the scavenger latched onto the dead body on the floor.   





The End

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