Earth was still bitterly cold Gabriel shivered and tugged his coat tighter around himself. Dawn didn’t seem to care that his leather trench coat flapped open in the icy wind.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere where there’s no snow” Gabriel grumbled Dawn laughed.

“Good luck” he said

“Well you could always help me pick someone” Gabriel growled. Dawn looked at him the cold wind had turned the vampyres cheeks had turned a very light pink.

“I can if you want” Dawn said looking at Gabriel long enough to almost walk into a lamppost. At the last moment he skipped around it avoiding another head injury.

Gabriel snorted

“You’re an idiot Dawn” Gabriel smiled slightly.

“I know but miraculously I’m also a genius” Dawn said proudly

“An idiotic genius” Gabriel thought for a moment “that’s impressive”

“Didn’t you know I am impressive?” Dawn said

“Dawn blowing your own trumpet is not good for you” Gabriel stated.

“Really?” Dawn thought “why not?” Gabriel looked at him.

“Because it’s not likely to keep you in my good book” Gabriel growled, Dawn laughed.


They arrived in the centre ofBrightonjust as the clubs were opening. Snow still coated the ground and again Gabriel was having trouble staying upright Dawn caught him quickly as his boot slid forward.

“Alright?” Dawn asked as they carried on walking Gabriel nodded.

“I still can’t smell anything though” Gabriel grumbled Dawn smiled

“That’s what I’m here for” the daemon hissed as Gabriel slipped again and grabbed Dawn's arm. Fortunately two layers of leather stopped him from losing any skin.

“Sorry” Gabriel grumbled

“That’s okay” Dawn rubbed his arm he would have a nice bruise in the morning though. “This way” he pulled Gabriel down a nearby alleyway “I suggest we stop here. Otherwise you’re going to end up with a serious injury”

‘or I am’ Dawn thought to himself.


Gabriel waited for Dawn to pick someone for him. The daemon was a few paces behind him. He heard Dawn shuffle his feet slightly and sighed. Looking out into the crowded street he tried to do it himself. The snow was still overpowering.

Gabriel” Dawn's voice whispered behind him.

“Shhh” Gabriel hissed.

“Gabriel” the daemons voice was still quiet but the sense of urgency made Gabriel turn.

“What?” the vampyre snapped. Dawn's back was to him and he was looking at something further down the alleyway.

“Dawn what is that?” Gabriel asked walking up to the daemon there was a figure hunched over near a cellar door. Its skin seemed to be stretched over its skeleton it was making strange snuffling rasping sounds.

“It’s okay” Dawn said

“Is it a daemon?” Gabriel asked.

“If it is it’s not one of mine” Dawn warily moved forward. The hunched figure looked up as Dawn approached it back away quickly. Dawn put his hands up to show the thing he was harmless and he crouched down next to the cellar door. The creature ambled up to him slowly. It was like a dog around a stranger.

“its alright” Dawn said gently the daemon smiled. The thing made a strange gobbling sound. Gabriel saw Dawn move his lips repeating the strange sound silently.

“Gabriel come here” Dawn said the vampyre moved forward slowly. “He’s a scavenger”

“A what?” Gabriel asked

“A scavenger, they clean up road kill mostly but occasionally they find larger meals. They’re not daemons they're earthbound” Dawn said this little guys in bad shape though” Dawn frowned. The scavenger gobbled at him again and again Gabriel saw Dawn repeat the strange sounds. “He’s lost his group something about a building site clearance. They were all split up”

“But what can we do?”

“He said there food in this basement” Dawn stood up. “You stay here” Dawn said gently to the scavenger.

Together Dawn and Gabriel walked around to the front of the house.

“What are we doing?” Gabriel asked

“Trust me” Dawn said he walked up the stone steps and waiting for Gabriel he made sure his shirt collar was straight. Gabriel came up next to him. “Play along” Dawn said knocking on the door. 

The End

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