A Small RevelationMature

An few hours later Dawn was in the lounge drawing quietly. Gabriel sat on the windowsill in his bedroom his legs hanging outside.

“Hi” a voice said behind him, Gabriel turned female voices were unusual in the house Amelia stood in the doorway.

“Hi” Gabriel mumbled and turned back to looking outside. He didn’t hear her come up behind him.

“Is everything alright?” she put a hand on his shoulder. He looked down at the small jewellery box in his hands. “They’re nice” Amelia said when he didn’t answer.

“They’re from Dawn” Gabriel said quietly.

“I see” she smiled, “are they the reason you two aren’t talking?” Gabriel shook his head.

“He keeps being weird” Gabriel mumbled.

“Dawn has been weird ever since he came here” Amelia laughed Gabriel didn’t say anything. “So why are you angry with him?” Gabriel shrugged

“He’s different with me” Gabriel said “and I need to feed” Amelia smiled

“He’s different with you because he’s fascinated by you”

“Why?” she kissed his cheek carefully.

“I think you should wait for his answer” she said

“I have” Gabriel said he put the little box next to him. Amelia just smiled again and slowly she vanished.

“Maybe not long enough” a voice said behind him. Gabriel turned sharply forgetting where he was and Dawn lunged forward grabbing the vampyre before he fell out of the window.

Dawn set Gabriel back down on his feet and carefully started to take the old rings out of Gabriel’s ear.

“I’m sorry” Dawn said. Gabriel had tensed up as Dawn removed the second ring. “Gabriel breathing is good for you” Dawn informed him. Gabriel let his breath out and looked at the floor.

“Dawn…” Gabriel started he had no idea what he wanted to say, a small tremor had started in his hands he clenched his fists.

“yes?” Dawn smiled.

“I…” the tremor had increased crawling up his neck and into his jaw line he clenched his teeth. Dawn moved away realizing something wasn’t right.

“Gabriel, sit down” he said he moved to the wooden chair and pulled it next to the bed. Gabriel moved warily watching Dawn all the time. The daemon put five of the seven rings on the bedside table. Gabriel sat heavily on the chair

“What’s wrong?” Gabriel was pale.

“I…don’t” Gabriel started. He growled low in his throat he didn’t know how to explain.

“You don’t like people touching you” Dawn filled in Gabriel nodded dumbly. “Alright, hold on I’m nearly done” Dawn said gently he reached up carefully noting that Gabriel tensed up. The last two rings came out and Dawn clipped them closed and put them on the table. “Where’s the box?” he asked Gabriel looked at the windowsill the little box was still sat there. Dawn stood and retrieved it sitting back down he began the job of replacing them.

Gabriel fought to relax his body not doing what his mind wanted.

“All done” Dawn smiled. Gabriel put his hand to his ear, disappointed that he couldn’t feel the new rings. Dawn stood and opened the wardrobe Gabriel walked over to look in the mirror.

“Well?” Dawn asked, Gabriel opened his mouth but he couldn’t think of anything to say he shut his mouth again. “You’re welcome” Dawn grinned.

“Thank you” Gabriel said quietly. A warm flow of happiness ran through him, little did Dawn realize that Gabriel had now rid himself of everything he could that reminded him of Paradise. The decorated rings that had determined his army rank were now plain tiny silver hoops.  

Dawn was putting the old hoops into the little black box he looked at Gabriel and his heart jumped slightly as Gabriel smiled at his own reflection.

Dawn cleared his throat

“So do you still want to go to Earth today?” he asked. The unreadable mask that Gabriel usually wore slid back into place.

“Yes” he pulled his coat out of the wardrobe.

“Can I come?” Dawn asked hopefully

“As long as you don’t watch me” Gabriel said tugging his gloves on.

“I wont” Dawn said he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

“Dawn, you look like the court jester grinning away like that”

“Sorry” Dawn said still smiling Gabriel was talking to him again.







The End

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