Drunken FightsMature

They sat down together under a large tree. Dawn downed almost half the remaining drink before passing the bottle to Gabriel.

“So what did you want answered?” Dawn slurred.

“A few things” Gabriel said Dawn nodded “one, thanks for my present” Dawn frowned slightly

“That wasn’t a question”

“I know” Gabriel smiled, "Dawn this is important okay?” the daemon nodded again and Gabriel swigged from the bottle. “Why do you treat me differently from everyone else?”

“What do you mean?”

“You act differently around me Dawn. You stare at me and hug me and things like that and every time I try to ask you about it you run off or change the subject” Gabriel saw Dawn flush slightly even in the dimly lit forest.

“Because I like you” Dawn shrugged

“You like me?” Gabriel repeated “don’t you like anyone else?” Dawn twisted around to look at him.

“I like you differently to the way I like everyone else” Gabriel frowned and Dawn frowned back. “Next question?” Dawn sat back and shut his eyes.

“Not yet, you haven’t answered this one properly.” Dawn didn’t say anything. “Dawn?” Gabriel looked at him and growled as he saw the daemon was asleep.

 “For fucks sake” Gabriel snapped he laid his own head back but it was hours before he dropped off.   


A groan awoke Gabriel his eyes flicked open and he saw Dawn leaning forward holding his head.

“Morning” Gabriel said loudly a vicious tint to his voice.

“Don’t” Dawn moaned

“Don’t what” Gabriel snapped.

“Don’t shout” Dawn pleaded.

“I’m not” Gabriel lit a cigarette. Dawn turned to him and turned a pale grey as the smoke came near him. Gabriel had never seen Dawn run until now the daemon disappeared quickly into the trees.


“Better?” Gabriel asked putting his cigarette out and standing up Dawn came out of the trees still pale.

“Much” the daemon grumbled.

“I’m going in” Gabriel said sharply. Gabriel walked around the tree and headed towards the house.

“Hey” Dawn called after him. He caught up quickly trying to ignore the pounding in is head. “Have I done something wrong?”  

“Yes Dawn” Gabriel said calmly “you have”

“Do you mind telling what?”

“You didn’t answer my question last night. Again” Gabriel growled.

“What?” Dawn said outraged “what question?” Gabriel's temper flared

“What do you want from me Dawn?” he shouted. Dawn stopped his eyes widened slightly.

“I don’t” he said

“Bullshit” Gabriel carried on walking

“It is not bullshit” Dawn shouted he spun Gabriel around by the shoulder to face him. “Don’t you even dare assume to know me Black-Lightning”

“Don’t threaten me Dawn” Gabriel spat. There were daemons nearby who turned at the power that rose from the two figures.

“Why not” Dawn growled his head was pounding. Gabriel walked right up to him his head tilted upwards to look into Dawn's face.

“Because I will make you suffer for it” he whispered. He turned his back on the daemon and carried on walking.   






The End

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