Gabriel stared dumbstruck at the place where Dawn had been standing then turned to the bed. He picked the little bag up and opened it a small black box sat inside it was slightly smaller than his palm. With a little difficulty he pulled the box open inside sat seven tiny, plain silver rings. Gabriel reached up to touch the seven highly decorated but small rings in his ear. He frowned and closed the box tucking it safely in his pocket and left the room.

In the pub he had to shout over the noise of drunken daemons soSydneycould hear him.

“Have you seen Dawn?” Gabriel yelled for a third time.

“He came in got his bottle and left again”Sydneyboomed above the noise Gabriel nodded.

“Thanks” he left the pub again and began to walk not knowing where he was even going to start looking.

“Hey Gabriel” Deacon's voice called from above him. Gabriel looked up and saw a leg dangling from a tree branch

“Hi” Gabriel replied “what are you doing up there?” Deacon shifted sideway and Gabriel could now see his face.

“Getting some time to me” the daemon said. by the way you might not want to go that way”  

“Why not?”

“Well, our lord and master is not in a good mood”

“I know” Gabriel said

“Ah, so it’s your fault” Deacon grinned

“Yeah” Gabriel said Deacon laughed.

“I still wouldn’t go that way if I were you”

“Didn’t you know? I’m crazy” Gabriel mumbled

“True” Deacon's laughter followed him through the trees.



“Go away” Gabriel heard a voice growl. He stopped and looked around he couldn’t see the daemon he looked up just in case but he still saw nothing. He walked forward a few paces

“Its me” he said seemingly to thin air.

“I know” Dawn's voice came back Gabriel could see the tips of Dawn's boots behind a tree. He took two more steps.

“I said go away” Dawn's voice was annoyed.

“Since when have I ever done as I was told Dawn?” Gabriel stepped forward again

“Gabriel, leave me alone” Dawn growled Gabriel frowned and walked right up to him. He was sitting with his back against the tree and a bottle in his hand. “Gabriel…”

“I know” Gabriel snapped he took the little box out of his pocket and put it down by Dawn's feet then he turned and walked away. A gentle arm around his neck stopped him. The hand was holding the bottle of Jack Daniels and the other had the small box in it.

“Dawn, let go” Gabriel sighed, the arm loosened again and Dawn seemed to move closer to Gabriel.

“Don’t you like them?”

“On the contrary, I think they're beautiful” Gabriel twisted out of Dawn's light grip and turned to face him he raised his hand the palms facing him. “I cant really do much with these though can I?” Dawn looked at the claws on Gabriel's hands and sighed sadly.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said he stepped forward and quick as a flash retrieved the bottle from Dawn's hand. Dawn grabbed for it but Gabriel sidestepped and laughed lightly.

“I thought you’d given up drinking?” Dawn growled and lunged for the bottle again Gabriel leapt backwards.

“I never said that” Dawn snarled

“I heard you” Gabriel said Dawn's features rippled and Gabriel stopped. “Alright I’ll do you a deal” he sad knowing that Dawn was genuinely annoyed.

“What?” Dawn growled

“I’ll finish it with you,” Gabriel said Dawn cocked his head Gabriel could see the anger in his eyes but the intelligence was still vaguely sober and was fighting the daemons fury.

“You’ll share?” Dawn asked carefully, Gabriel nodded there was only quarter of the bottle left anyway. Dawn straightened up and moved forward he pushed the little black box into Gabriel's jeans pocket not noticing that the vampyre flinched slightly as he did so.

“Okay” Gabriel held out the bottle and Dawn wrapped his large hand around it but the vampyre didn’t let go. Dawn frowned again.

“I want a few questions answered too” he could hear the low rumbling in Dawn's chest he released the bottle and Dawn relaxed.



The End

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