Small DisagreementsMature

Dawn left Gabriel in the alleyway. The vampyre was vaguely happy about this, Dawn's behaviour, if possible, had gotten worse over the last few years.

Gabriel watched the people passing in the street trying to choose one he wanted. The smell of the snow was blocking out every other scent around him. Almost half an hour flew by and Gabriel just stood there the passing of people seeming almost hypnotic to him.

A hand landed on his shoulder and he jumped spinning around his gloved hand raised. Dawn caught the vampyres wrist before the claws beneath the leather did some serious damage.

“Easy” Dawn smiled Gabriel glanced at the hand holding his arm and Dawn let go the daemon frowned. “You haven’t fed yet?”

“I can’t this damn snow is messing around with any senses that I should possess” Gabriel growled. He turned to look back at the street.

“Do you need too?” Dawn asked

“I could last until tomorrow. It won’t do much for my temper though” Gabriel said honestly.

“When’s your temper ever good?”

“More often then it used to be” Gabriel retorted still staring at the people walking by.

“True” Dawn smiled he put a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder.

Gabriel saw his vision blur slightly the street changing into the drapes that hung around his bed. His mind fuzzed slightly as he processed the teleport.

“Dawn!” Gabriel shouted spinning around to face the daemon.

“What?” Dawn shrugged.

“Why did you do that?”

“You said yourself you can last until tomorrow.” Dawn sat down on the edge of the bed. “Besides I can always fill in” Dawn sighed as he saw Gabriel's face contort angrily.

“How many times?” Gabriel snarled

“I know” Dawn said his voice sounded almost sad.

“Why do you even want me to?” Gabriel asked

“I don’t know” Dawn shrugged.

“Well don’t ask again its not happening” Gabriel snapped he pulled off his gloves and scarf and threw them down onto the bed.

“I’ve annoyed you again” Dawn said his voice calm as usual. The daemon sighed and stood up he put his hand in his jacket pocket. A small object in a tightly wrapped carrier bag was put down on the bed carefully. “Happy birthday” Dawn said sadly and vanished.




The End

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