An hour later, Gabriel was in his room a damp towel around his waist. He tied his wet hair into a long tail and looked in the mirror inside the wardrobe his waist length silver hair fell between two skeletal, black wings. He moved his wings seeing the light bounce off them in strange rainbow colours.

He took a closer look at his cheek the cut wasn’t too bad. It only just went all the way through the cut inside his mouth not even half an inch long. He poked the inside of his cheek with his tongue and grimaced as the cut opened again a small trickle of blood ran down his face.

He stepped away from the mirror and tugged on a pair of jeans. He was doing up the button when someone knocked on his door. He shifted his wings to cover his back completely.

“Come in” he said absently. The door opened as Gabriel was picking a shirt out of the wardrobe. He heard the door click shut and only turned at the smell of peach shampoo. Morgan was sat on the edge of his bed she smiled at him.

“Hi” she said he looked at her waiting for something more.

“What?” he asked frowning.

“Nothing” she said. “I was just wondering if I hurt you” he shook his head. Looking up he realized she was watching him.

‘This girl stares far too much’ Gabriel thought pulling a random shirt from the wardrobe and walking behind his dressing screen.

Another knock on the door made Gabriel frown.

“What?” he shouted Dawn opened the door.

Hey Gabriel, just came to check that you’re alright” he said he looked at Morgan still perched on the edge of the bed.

“I’m fine.” Gabriel growled coming back into the room. He sat down and started pulling his boots on.

“Going somewhere?” Dawn smiled.

“Earth” Gabriel said shortly.

“Fancy some company?” Dawn asked handing him his coat.

“Not really.” Gabriel said but he knew Dawn would come anyway.

“I’ll see you both later” Morgan said standing up “it was nice meeting you both” Gabriel grumbled a reply.

“Bye” Dawn said cheerfully Morgan shut the door behind her. “it seems you have an admirer” the daemon chuckled.

“I don’t even know who she is” Gabriel said making sure his boots were done up tightly. He pulled his leather gloves on Dawn smiled and pulled a black scarf from the wardrobe.

“you’re going to want this” he said. 

The End

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