Gabriel and Sylver's birthday has come round and much to Gabriel’s annoyance a party has been organized.


At the edge of the hall, sat a silver haired man, he tapped a set of cloven claws on the leather arm of the chair. He was dressed head to toe in black, black leather boots seemed to blend in with the leather of his trousers. He had an old fashioned black shirt on with baggy sleeves and a tight collar. The coat finished off his image, a long canvas trench coat that hung down the front of the chair dragging on the floor.


His icy blue eyes glared intent but bored at the crowds around him. He looked around just in time to see his twin sneak out of the hall with a young, female daemon, he sighed.

Dawn came over and sat down next to him, with no invitation.

“Hey” the daemon said, not even paying attention to the look on Gabriel's face. “Having fun?” Gabriel glared at him.

“Yeah Dawn, sure having a great time.” Gabriel said sarcastically. “I feel like a born again eunuch” Gabriel grumbled. Dawn laughed

“You’re always so grumpy” the daemon smiled, "you need to lighten up."

“I thought you liked me grumpy”   Gabriel growled.

“Depends where we are” Dawn said quietly. “Here you need to at least pretend your having a good time.”

“I had enough of that in paradise, when we went to court” Gabriel snapped. “Meet lord so and so Gabriel, smile Gabriel, sit up straight Gabriel. I’m not jumping up and down here, for anyone.”

“Smile Gabriel” Dawn said he ducked avoiding Gabriel's claws, “those are sharp you know, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with sharp things?” Gabriel gave Dawn a wicked smile.

“I used to play with all the sharp things I wanted, she probably hoped that one day I’d cut my own head off”

“Gabriel, don’t be morbid” Dawn scolded him.

“Why? It’s not like I want to be anything else”

“You make me laugh” Dawn said, his voice had a tint of fondness to it.

“At least I’m good for something” Gabriel grumbled, Dawn stood up.

“Please try and have a good time” the large daemon walked away into the crowd.  

“I’ll try” Gabriel mumbled to himself. He looked up and saw a pair of bright green eyes and a large smile. The woman straightened up and Gabriel looked up at her,

“hi” she smiled, she looked at the chair beside him. “Do you mind?” she asked, Gabriel shook his head and she sat down crossing her denim covered legs. She flicked her long, very curly blonde hair out of her face and turned to Gabriel holding her hand out.

“my names Morgan. Gabriel didn’t take the offered hand, she smiled and put her hand back in her lap. “You’re Gabriel” she stated Gabriel looked at her for a moment then turned away again.

“Hi Gabriel” Deacon shouted as he went past.

“So, good party?” Morgan asked looking out at the crowds of daemons.

“Not really” Gabriel said his voice was bored and toneless.

“Why are you here then?”

“No idea” he said “it’s rude to leave your own party.” He shifted as he felt her staring at him.

“Your brothers gone” she smiled.

“I know” he said simply, he didn’t add that he had nothing better to do than being here. Morgan frowned,

“Come on” she said standing up, he didn’t move he just looked up at her again.


“I said come on” she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the chair, she didn’t seem to care about the three sharp claws in her hand.

The End

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