Chapter 2 (1)Mature

My eyes fluttered open and looked around. I was in a fire proof cage, my wrists and ankles were chained together. I struggled onto my knees and looked around. My cage was hanging from the ceiling, the whole room was full of cages that were hanging.  Inside some of the cages on the other side, were prisoners from all the elements except water, but none had the special powers the royals did. I recognized some wounded ones that I had tried to help up. They were holding hands from inside their cages, crying softly so the guards in the next room wouldn't hear. 

There were earth elements in the cages beside them, a pregnant woman who was holding her stomach with her chained hands and singing to it softly and a young boy who was asleep. The air elements were a few feet underneath them, it was clear they were frightened and confused like all the other elements. 

The water guards had taken my crown and other valuables, they had also stripped me of my clothes. I blushed intensely and covered myself as much as I could. 

"Excuse me." I jumped and looked to my right to see an earth element, she was clearly a royal. She had dark brown skin with short green hair, she was a little chubby and was stripped of her clothes too. " Do you have any idea what's going on here?"

I shook my head. 

"Nobody knows," A voice to my left answered. It was an air element, a royal as well, naked and confused just as the rest of us.His snow white hair was slicked back and his skin was pale white.  He was laying in his cage, looking up at his hands. He sat up and smiled at me, " My name is Gestus, Prince of the air elements." 

I nodded at him, " Flamma, Princess of the fire elements." 

The earth royal cleared her throat, " I'm Terra, Princess of the earth elements."

We all smiled at each other then jumped all at once when we heard the door open. A tall water guard looked around and waved 3 other guards in. He pointed to the 3 of us then pointed to the room behind them. The 3 guards nodded then lowered our cages down. 

I could tell that Gestus and Terra were just as frightened as I was. 

The End

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