Chapter 1 (2)Mature

Suddenly, all the guards in the village began to run up to the castle, wielding their large weapons. I could hear people screaming from inside the castle and the people in the village began to run out into the forest. They were running out with what they could carry, food, cans and clothes, some tripped and fell, getting ran over and left behind by their families. I tried to help them up, but they shook in fear and, even though they were wounded, they ran off to find their families. 

I bit my lip and ran back to the castle as fast as I could. I was halfway to the castle when a large blue horse blocked my way, on the horse was a bulky, male, water element. He was wearing fire proof armor, I fell down, startled. 

The water element smirked at me and whistled. Two more water elements on horses came out and captured me in a fire proof net. "Father! Father help me!" I yelled out, but got no answer. The water element chuckled and yanked the net, making me fall on my back and look at the castle. I could see smoke and coming from the windows, it was quiet and I could tell that there had been a battle and we had lost. Flames rose from my eyes, I growled in anger and shot fire from my palms. The head water element yelled and hit me over the head with his fist, knocking me out. 

The End

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