Chapter 1 (1)Mature

I growled loudly. " Why won't you die!?" I yelled at the ugly beast. He roared in response and stomped his large hooves, blowing a cloud of white and gray steam from his nostrils. We stared at each other, waiting until one of us made a move. Then, in unison, we charged at each other, him pointing his long, pointy horns at me and I, aiming the dark red palms at my hands to him. I yelled and shot flames from my hands, burning the beast alive. He ran around and squealed then fell over, dead. 
The young guards came out from behind the trees, afraid, but happy. They clapped and bowed to me. It was a shame that the princess was tougher than the guards. 

I smirked and walked back to the castle, my soft bare feet slapping against the cobble stone leading to Kingdom Ignis. My black and red hair swayed back and forth as I made my way through the kingdom. The women who were cleaning and the children playing stared, frightened at me. This is what I really hated, everyone staring me like I was a monster. I stopped in the middle of the street and looked at my arms and hands. I had tattoos of flames on my arms and legs, the palms of my hands were dark red from all the flames coming out of them lately. 

The women ushered the children inside and watched me through the window. I looked at the remaining houses and began to walk slowly back to the castle. I wasn't really evil like everyone thought I was, I wanted so bad to be normal, I wanted to use my flames for good, but it was so hard to. My father wanted me to be evil so when he died his rein of terror would live on through me. I didn't want to disappoint him though. It was so hard being me. 

The End

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