Beyond The Door

That night Anna tossed and turned in her sleep, every single time she would fall into that infinite black hole beneath the ice. Frustrated, Anna pulled herself from her sleep. Her room was small and bare, the place was practically spotless except for a small black shape lying on the foot of her bed. Startled, Anna threw the covers off and jumped out of bed. A loud hiss came from the lips of her jet black cat named Tom. " Oh, sorry Tommy, but you know you're not supposed to scare me like that" The cat rolled it's eyes and proceeded out into the hall, probably going to find a late night snack. For the rest of the night, Anna's sleep was constantly disturbed by the sensation the fall brought about. Eventually, she awoke to the gentle morning light pouring through the window. Exhausted, she got out of bed and prepared herself for today's appointment with Glinda. Like yesterday, there was no phone call, or the newspaper. Anna began to worry that something awful may have happened. The entire bus ride to Glinda's she worried, wringing her hands like a wet dishcloth. " Hello! come on in!" said a smiling Glinda when she opened the door. Anna took her usual seat on the lavender scented couch, and explained her dream to Glinda. " Well, last day you mentioned a door, did you see the door at all?" Anna had not, no matter how hard she tried to become aware she was dreaming, she could not break free. " Hm, well then, we will just have to see what happens today" And once again, Anna was put under.

Like always, Anna was running as the bitter wind sliced at her face. And just like before, she was able to step away from the course of the dream. Anna wandered for a while before she realized she had no idea where to even find a door. the voice of the Boogeyman entered her thoughts. " Use your instincts Anna" The wind started up again, but it wasn't bitter. Anna pondered, the only place she would find a door in here is if she found a building. In the distance, the snow stopped briefly to reveal the dark shape of a house, Anna's house. Burning with determination, Anna began with a run, she didn't care about the wind, she just wanted to get to the door. Just as she stepped onto the porch, she heard a booming CRACK! The ice around the house was cracking, the wood of the porch began to split around her. Anna lunged for the door, and threw herself inside, slamming it shut behind her. She was in a hallway, but it wasn't her hallway. The floor was a dusty old black and white tile, suspicious red stains splattered across in spots. The only light came from a swinging light bulb far off in the distance. Written in the same sickly red liquid, on the walls around her, were the words " Run." Filled with a panic, Anna began to sprint down the hall, all the while she heard a vicious barking and growling behind her. " Don't tell me, the dog's name is Cujo" Anna whispered, as she ran. the farther she ran, the longer the hall seemed to stretch on for, the more hopeless this seemed. The barking grew louder as she felt the thing's breath on her neck. Almost instinctively, Anna turned around and smacked the thing. "Bad idea!" was her first thought. The dog was huge, it could have been Goliath's pet dog, and for all she knew, it just might have been. The dog didn't even flinch, it only stared at her for a few seconds, it's drool spilling out onto the floor. " Crap crap CRAP!" Anna screamed as the saliva splashed onto the floor, becoming a tsunami of foul smelling liquid. Anna flew down the hall, the wave chasing her, just at her heels. Was there no end to the hall? Anna thought, desperately searching for a door. Suddenly, there was a corner in the hall, Anna nearly crashed into the wall. There it was, a door...or something down the hall. Filled with a new sense of hope, Anna sprinted down the hall, her legs, lungs and eyes were burning. Anna's heart dropped as she skidded to a halt. It was a mirror. Furiously she pounded her fists against the mirror, her energy spent, Anna slid to the floor. The wave of saliva surged toward her, Anna closed her eyes. With crushing force the wave slammed into her, shattering the mirror behind her. Anna felt herself being pushed through the mirror, she was somewhere else...another dream. But where? Her vision faded and soon she was in Glinda's home.

"So, what did you find out today?" Anna shrugged. " Dog saliva smells awful, and that I am most definitely a cat person."

The End

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