The AwakeningMature

"Arghhhh!!!" squawked Amethyst.
  She leant up and brushed the sweat off her forehead, and swore in French. A nightmare within a nightmare. Her whole body was dampened with oily sweat. She shook her arms scratched her legs.
  Amethyst glanced around fortuitously and recoiled at the room. It appeared to be a computing room. Thousands of pounds worth of gadgets destroyed, and burned to a cinder, arson?
  Laptops had been slashed, which reminded Amethyst of her dead self inside her nightmare. The smell of fear mixed in with metal roamed around in Amethyst's nose and was refusing to get out.
  She tried to crane her body upright but mostly her result was slipping and tumbling. Her arms were quivering and her eyes blinking like a movie projector, she learnt the meaning of fear.
  Where was she? Who was she? What was going on?
  All of these questions were perfectly acceptable. She looked around the room again, attempting to switch on any computers. Urghh, what had she remembered in her dream...Oh yes her name was Amethyst, a chemist working in a genetics lab.
  Her head was spinning, she felt sick as if on an uncontrollable merry-go-round. And then it stabbed her in the back when she saw it...a body.
  This body had not been slashed or stabbed, or bleeding from any whole, it had disembarbed.
  The blood gushed out of it, coagulated and reeked. It was male, no ID on him. Poor man. Her body churned, and she gagged. It was petrifying just staring at it, it felt like they wre the only two people in the world.
  Reaching out to touch it, the most terrifying thing happened, a hand came out and grabbed her round the neck.
  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" A man with dreamy hazel-nut eyes and smooth black hair, was staring andrily into her eyes. "Don't touch it, it will infect you"
  "Do you remember anything, anything at all?"
  Amethyst nodded. She remembered the trajectory and different angles of numerous things, but nothing at this time appeared it should be worsth joking about "My name, my job, that's it really"
  The man pulled his hand out of his shabby trouser jean pocket and reached out to her, "Name's Callum"
  Amethyst uncertianly put her hand out slowly and shaked it, "What are we doing here, I don't remember anything"
  " me either, that's why I asked you, I only remember distinctivly what do informed me"
  He paced left and right "And that if you touch the dead disembowled bodies, that you become infected and basiacally...die."
  A low grumbling sound appeared, moaning...for something.
  Amethyst gulped, her heart began to get faster, "What was that?" she asked, Callum only shrugged. "I don't know"
  Crunch, crunch, crunch.
  The snapping sound of something like a bone, alerted Amethyst and she slowly bent down to pick up the only thing useful, sharpened wires, might be useful she thought as it was still connected to the mains.
  "HELLO! Is anybody in there!"
  There was a weird silence for a few seconds until Callum responded "Yes, yes we're trapped in here help us please"
  The thing was they weren't really trapped, just too lazy to move all the metal and junk blocking their way to the exit.
  Amethyst shut her eyes, maybe this was a dream inside a dream inside a dream, was that even possible?
  Something made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she pictured something coming from behind the doors, other than some sort of crap rescue squad. She pictured a girl, only a little girl. Blood soaking and trickling down from the sides of her eyes, and she choking on pools of claret.
  Just like the girl she'd seen in her dream
  Just like her.
  Amethyst flipped her blonde - long curly hair unlike in her dream - and began to help Callum heave through the metal.
  There was another thump, thump, thump.
  Amethyst and Callum both thought about scary music playing. What was this place, an underground morgue? Oh my God, what if there are dead bodies, like that one? All these new questions began to drive Amethyst aorund the bend, never before had she felt more horrified in her life, she just wanted to know what was going on.
  The door slid open, and there were four people in the arch cream doorway. Two girls and two boys, the boys both had short curly blonde hair, like hers. One's teeth glistened off the lighting. The same one had deep sapphire blue eyes and the other had fiery jade green eyes. The other black haired girl had blood stained over her face, and apparently didn't look happy in the slightest bit.
  Amethyst got seriously concerned. The other girl was...Lisa. "Oh my God Lisa"
  The girls grabbed onto each other and coiled onto each other, not letting go, They began to cry as in her dream the sweat and tears back fired into her, making her eyes water even more.
  She also had blood stains on her. "I have so many questions that-"
  "I can't answer any, I haven't got a clue, only names I know and so do the others"
  The boy with gorgeous sapphire eyes appeared to be speaking on their behalf. "Hello Guys, My name is Gareth, this is my closest friend Dan and this gorgeous young lady" The girl gave him a V-sign and looked away "Is Tawni" he continued, urghh what a bitch tohught Amethyst.
  If it was one thing she couldn't stand was bitches.
  They all looked around with a face that requested a reply. Amethyst stood up "Right then Introductions, my name is Amethyst, Lisa's sister, who by the way you forgot to mention, and this is my new friend Callum"
  Callum looked up in Surprise.
  "Right then, before we leave to find more survivors i think that-"
  Amethyst stopped him, put her hand over his mouth and said "Survivors, what do you mean are there more people dead?"
  "Yes hundreds, only a few fortunate survivors, but now I need to inform you, about a bit that I know, I read on a slightly surviving computer"
  "We're are some of Britain's finest scientists, Micro-Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, everything science-related and we specify in trying to create new ways of looking, genetically modifying, creating, destroying, Doubling, to make identical DNA, We did have a few test dummies we were testing it on but..."
  He stopped at a halt...He hung his head in shame "I acidentally messed up the program, most of the elements, me being a chemist I should know, I injected through a syringe, a compund series of elements, the wrong elements and I created more than just DNA, I created a monster"
  "How do you know that?" Lisa enquired in a confused tone.
  "He began to have heart failures, he shook, his face turned blue, he grew razor sharp teeth, and his arms turned into something like massive wooden pikes"
  "He is laying in that room"
  But Gareth was interrupted again by another Thump, thump, thump.
  "We have to leave"
  Everyone fled out of the room, the other metal door banging botled off and collapsed.
  A swarm of smoke encricled a firgure in a loop of course grey. It's shadowy silhouette, covered. It was unleashed, and hungry for the flesh it craved on the brittle human bones!

The End

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