Trapped. Underground, silence, nothing coming to the rescue. The team of genetic scientists must destroy what they have created without dying, but without an exit how do they escape the creatures on the prowl, thirsty for the blood

Chapter 1

The Pallid Corpse

The pungent stench of sweat trickled down Amethyst's forehead and made a transparent pool on her bed sheet. She quivered in fear, resisting to open her eyes, gripping onto the duvet with all her might as if she was being dragged to hell by Satan. Her scarlet nails dug into the duvet. She then coiled around it.

  Amethyst felt as though the room was experiencing an earth-quake, magnitude 7. As if it were vibrating. She almost screeched with terror. Her face, ashen, her mouth dry as the savannah desert, Her nose running. She tossed and turned and finally awoke from her nightmare.
  She screamed as she sat up as quick as Zeus' lightning bolt. She panted and panted, fortuitously glancing around. She shivered, considering it was scorching hot even for inside at dusk.
  Amethyst threw her Navy blue covers off her and lunged for her Ensuite bathroom. Her body was washed-out  as the skin on her limbs. She remembered the terrible thought in her nightmare about being pursued in a rock-jagged cemetery.
  She remembered the shrouded silhouette stalking her, and how she used all her agility and stamina to out run it, but it seemed to do no good as she got slower, it got faster.
  After a few seconds of recollection, she contemplated how she mysteriously had been having nightmares for the past week. But then it also hit her memory again how she was running away, from just death itself, she was also sprinting from justice...the thing was, she can't identify why the cloaked figure was justice. In the back of her mind, on the tip of her tongue, she could remember she did something horrendous which was another template which stalked her memory.
  It was if she had amnesia.
  She didn't dare think about her bewildering delusion any longer, she was superstitious enough already, the last thing she wanted is the sound of chains rattling and blood dripping from downstairs, proceeding to the next floor in her imagination, not to mention she was petrified of the dark on her own.
  She ran the tap and grabbed a flannel and dabbed body-chilling ice cold water on her face. She moaned with bliss. She reached out for her glass cup and poured some water into it.
  She drunk it down quickly. It seemed to sooth the back of her throat, and she sighed.
  She rapidly used the toilet for more than one purpose and jumped back onto her bed. She didn't get into the covers, but she began to pull out a book by Richelle Mead.
  She was severely short sighted and so she put on her half-moon spectacles and began to drown in silence. She flipped a page, and another, and another and soon, it came to realizing that it never occurred to Amethyst what the time was.
  She pulled her arm across to her bedside cabinet and switched on her lamp. It buzzed and flickered until it finally settled down. Then she gripped onto her alarm clock.
  4:23 a.m.
  Crap. She realized also that is was a Friday, yes the last day of work. She leaned her head back and thought. God, have I been working for weeks...oh yeah I have.
  She picked up her book, put on her spectacles and began to read again. All of a sudden, from downstairs, there was a creaking sound,

  Oh shit, she thought. Her conscience had turned evil and her mind was playing dirty tricks with her. But then again, another creaking sound appeared. Crap. Was she being burgled?

  There were no phones upstairs, and Amethyst knew the worst thing to do was to scream at the top of her voice until her lungs burst. She knocked the thought into herself again that maybe it was just her imagination or that she was dreaming again, so she lay down on top of her covers, relaxed.
What in the name of God was that? Her heart pounded and she nearly let out a small squeal. Her teeth chattered and she clenched her hands and lips together.
  The over-powering odour of blood also swept the atmosphere. It was so bad that, she had to cover her mouth, and began to gag. She felt like she was being choked on toxic fumes. She quietly and slowly got out of her bed and crept over to her door. She slung on her nightgown and tied up her belt.
  She slid on her fluffy bunny slippers. Luckily they weren't the homer Simpson ones which announced "D'oh" every time someone made a step. Amethyst opened her door and made a few steps into the hallway. She had just had it painted and it was a nice cream colour. The two things she intended to do was to stay alive and make sure that the paint isn't ruined. She made a few more steps, and reached the edge of the stairs.
  From upstairs to down or vice versa, the walls were plastered in childhood pictures and pictures of her family, mom and dad and her two sisters, Lisa and Steph.
  Lisa and Amethyst worked for a genetics lab. Lisa was the chemist and Amethyst was the VERY talented micro-biologist. It was like the wind slapped her in the face.
  Now she remembered. The genetics lab had just been funded by some government place and was now working to find ways to genetically create new unseen DNA. That was all she could vaguely remember.
  She thought about Lisa. Lisa had a killing smile, and long jet black hair, often seen wrapped up in a pony tail.
  Lisa was a woman of great personality and beauty. She was intelligent and graduated from Cambridge, where she got her science skills from, or was that from mom's side of the family?
  Her stunning features were no match for Amethyst. She had received lots of people asking her for dates but she just rejected them, according to her, and Lisa and Steph and the other members of her family, she was just waiting for Mr. Right, but Amethyst always thought she would never meet him.
  Amethyst reached downstairs, she was sweating, shivering and shaking, a mask of fear veiled around her. There was one time where she thought she was going to sneeze and thought words too rude to be said just for the fear of getting caught.
  She hoped no one was just night walking raiding her fridge. The kitchen light buzzed on and off through the closed arch doorway. She lifted her foot, and remembered that if her graveyard chasing was just a nightmare, maybe it was a nightmare inside a nightmare...she just wished that her vision would be true.
  Amethyst hastily turned the doorknob down, and opened it so it so it was ajar. It spiralled at a 15 degree angle. She put one eye into the shadowy room and espied what was going on.
  Blood stained the entire room. There were ruby puddles of claret. Most of it seemed as though it was coagulated, which was ordinary as most of the time, it did that as you were dead.
  Her mouth flipped open and closed, she was just so petrified. Flies swarmed around the place.
  It reeked of dead people inside a funeral home, and she was just about to find out why.
  She leaned the door open a tiny bit more and saw the reason of the claret crisis.
  She saw a body.
  A ghost waxen coloured cadaver of a teenaged girl. She threw the door completely open and fell down to her knees. "Oh my god!" she whispered to herself.
  She whimpered and looked one more time at the body. A massive Swiss Army knife had been plunged into her heart. Her fingers were drifting off the edge of the table it lay upon. Her fingers quaked in shock.
  The telephone was lying right next to her.
  Amethyst sniffed, and began to wail. Sweat collided with Tears. Shock collided with Fear. Never before had she felt such emotion and horror. She never thought something like this would ever happen to her before.  She ambled over to the telephone.
  Blood was trickling out of every oraphis on the girl's face. She had rosy red cheeks and elegant flowing blonde hair, just like hers, except they were in French plaits and Amethyst's were in pig tails.
  She had dark brown lipstick on, and a kiss mark was found on her hand as she picked it up.
  Below the cheek mark there was a name...Amethyst.
  "No! It can't be" She looked at the face again, and noticed that her throat had been slashed and claret pools oozed out.
  But then came the part which scared her the most.
  The girl's eyes opened, and she gasped "Help me" 


The End

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